The 72 Names of God Angels

The 72 Names of God Angels

What is an Angel?

The existence of Angels is inherent to almost every religion in the world. Angels are supernatural entities that are considered servants of God.

They are also known as helpers of mankind. They fulfill the will of God and every Angel has a purpose for which it was created.

If you look at the etymology of the word Angel, it is derived from the Greek word “Angelos” which translates as a messenger. In Hebrew, the word for angel is Malach which means the same thing.

Angels are spiritual beings that don’t possess a physical form ie. They are not made of skin and flesh. Although the bible and other supernatural texts describe them with wings and other features.

They are, at their core pure divine energy. The reason they are described with bodies is so our human minds can grasp their existence. Since we are sensory-driven creatures, the angels will cloth themselves in ways that would allow us to interact and identify them without us being scared.

As I said, Angels are messengers and helpers of God. Every angel was created for a purpose by God. For example, the Angel Michael is God’s angel of warfare.

Angels constantly relay God’s message and act on his will on Earth and across the Universe. Some angels do this for all eternity while some angels are created for one specific purpose a when that purpose is accomplished, they cease to exist.

It is important to note that Angels are not temperamentally the same. While some might have positive energy, others could demonstrate negative energy. But we should not conflate negative energy with evil.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at 72 names of God’s angels and their functions.

72 Names of God Angels And Their Functions

1. ELEMIAH – Protects those who travel and he works against mental disorders.

2. JELIEL – Enhances love and affection and also defends the wrongfully accused.

3. SITAEL – Protects men from evil and adversity.

4. VEHUIAH – Bestows wisdom and helps those in need of a fresh start in life

5. MAHASIAH – Helps to promote peace and harmony with those around you.

6. LELAHEL – To acquire knowledge of healing as well as the arts. Can increase your fortune and fame.

7. ACHAIAH – He bestows Patience and the love of learning.

8. CAHETEL – Will call down upon you Divine Blessings against evil.

9. HAZEL (Aziel) – Divine Mercy and Forgiveness. A very good angel

10. ALADIAH – Bestows good health but also governs anger and rage.

11. LAUVIAH – For the obtainment of Victory in your endeavors.

12. HAHAIAH – Will Help you Against adversity. he will also help you with lucid dreaming. He will also help you discern secrets.

13. YEZALEL – He can help you sustain friendships and mend fences.

14. MEBAHEL – This angel stands for Justice, truth, and freedom.

15. HARIEL – Helps one create a Moral purification of the mind

16. HAKAMIAH – Enhances Loyalty and is good to discern disloyalty

17. LAVIAH – This angel is great for prophetic Revelations in dreams. Also a lover of the Arts

18. CALIEL – He helps with legal issues.

19- LEUVIAH – He helps people retain information.

20. PAHALIAH – Good for protection of those who lead the spiritual life. Also keeps spiritual people on track.

21. NELCHAEL – He helps those looking to seek knowledge and helps eliminate curses.

22. YEIAYEL – He bestows good fortune and will, especially for those going into business.

23. MELAHEL – Has a great healing capacity as well instills courage in a person.

24- HAHEUIAH – General protection

25. NITH-HAIAH -This angel is very powerful and will help you discover Spiritual Wisdom and Magic

26. HAAIAH – He helps those in politics and leadership positions.

27. YERATEL – He throws evil people into confusion when they want to harm you.

28. SEHEIAH – He helps with good health and longevity.

29. REIYEL – He defends spiritual truth and liberates people from enemies.

30. OMAEL -The Patron Angel of Doctors. He helps dispel depression.

31. LACABEL – Very good for the acquisition of knowledge.

32. VASARIAH – Helps one attracts harmony and mercy into life. Also helps one becomes more articulate.

33. YEHUIAH – Will help you discovers those who are against you.

34. LEHAHIAH – If you have issues with anger, this angel can help you get it under control.

35. CHEVAKIAH – This angel will help you Reconcile with those you may have harmed. He is a promoter of peace.

36. MENADEL – Helps protect your employment and to preserve your livelihood from layoffs and other misfortunes.

37. ANIEL – Inspires philosophical knowledge also makes one deeply knowledgeable in the arts and sciences.

38. HAAMIAH – He helps those looking for spiritual rewards.

39. REHAEL – He helps those in need of healing.

40. YEIAZEL – If you are troubled. He will bestow Gods Consolation and Comfort

41. HAHAHEL – If you feel you have a divine Mission, he will help you discern it.

42. MIKHAEL – He is concerned with political affairs. He also protects travelers.

43. VEULIAH – A patron of those in the military.

44. YELAHIAH – Will help you be successful in all your undertakings.

45.S EHALIAH – He will increase Motivation and willpower

46. ARIEL – He will increase your gratitude for the things you have. He will also bestow great secrets.

47. ASALIAH – A great angel to increase contemplation of the divine.

48. MIHAEL – Great for reuniting couples. Angel of love and fertility as well.

49. VEHUEL – Will help eliminate Sorrow.

50. DANIEL – The Patron of lawyers, he helps deal with legal difficulties.

51. HAHASIAH – Will help you discern the mysteries of life.

52. IMAMIAH – Patron of those in prison. He helps to deal with those who wish to harm you.

53. NANAEL – Will help your Spiritual Communication with the divine and spirit realms. Will also help with meditation.

54. NITHAEL – To obtain God’s mercy and to help you live a long life. Will also help you with writing eloquently.

55. MEBAHIAH – Helps those who genuinely wish to do good.

56. POYEL – For general fulfillment of what you desire. Governs fame and fortune.

57. NEMAMIAH – For general prosperity. Also good for people in the military.

58. YEIALEL – Will help improve your mental state. Also good for healing the eyes.

59. HARAHEL – Helps women seeking for children and helps children be obedient. He is the patron of authors.

60. MITZRAEL – Good for the remediation of all mental illness.

61. UMABEL – Will help you become more social and make more friends. Great for shy people.

62. IAH-HEL – Great for the acquisition of wisdom and philosophy.

63. ANAUEL – He governs businesses, banking and commerce in general.

64. MEHIEL – He helps protect people from wild animals. He is good for those who work as veterinarians or in zoos. He is a patron of professors.

65. DAMABIAH -He helps attract great fortune and helps deal with curses

66. MANAKEL – If you feel that divine wrath is upon you. This angel will intercede on your behalf. He will also heal various neurological disorders

67. EYAEL – He helps those in search of the truth.

68. HABUHIAH – He is a great healer. He facilitates agriculture and gardening.

69. ROCHEL – He helps people find lost objects.

70. JABAMIAH – He helps Christians on their spiritual paths.

71. HAIYAEL – He is a divine warrior and protector.

72. MVMIAH – He helps bring success.


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