Tips on How to Apply for Poland Student Visa in Nigeria

A Poland student visa is a National visa. This visa is issued to foreigners who would like to attend a school in Poland and stay in the Polish territory for longer than 30 days.


Poland has become a popular destination for foreign students because of the low cost of living in the country. The tuition fees are low as well. The problem with this territory is that the wages are low and unsuitable for students who hope to finance their education by working there.

Poland Student visa requirements for Nigerian Citizens

You must have all the necessary documents before you apply for a Poland Student visa in Nigeria. These documents include:

An International Passport

This passport should be valid for 6 months after the expiration of your student visa.

2 Recent Passport Photographs

The photographs should have a white background and should have been taken not more than 6 months before your visa application.

Letter of Acceptance

You need a letter from the school you will attend in Poland.

Tuition Fee Receipt

This could be in the form of a receipt or a letter from the educational institution.

Schengen Travel Medical Insurance Policy.

This should be valid for the duration of your stay in Poland.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

A valid and recent bank statement should show that you have enough money to pay for your tuition, travel, and living expenses. If your parent or guardian pays your tuition, you will need their bank statement and a sponsorship letter.

In this letter, they should state their intention to sponsor and sign your education. If your sponsor is related to you, you must provide documents proving the relationship.

School Certificates and Transcripts

To how to apply for Poland Student visa in Nigeria, you must have a secondary school certificate. You should have all the necessary academic transcripts.  Some schools in Poland may require that you take an English proficiency test.

Flight Reservation

Your flight reservation should show the date you intend to travel to and leave Poland.

Previously Approved Visas

If you have been denied a previous visa application, you should include a copy of the refusal letter.

Birth Certificate

Minors applying for a Poland student visa should have their birth certificate and their parent or guardian’s international passport.

The parent/guardian of the minor should write a letter of consent.  This letter must be super-legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria.

11- Before you apply for a Poland Student visa in Nigeria, ensure that you have an eligibility letter from the Ministry of Education, Abuja

12- Proof that you have paid the visa application fee.

Before you apply for a Poland Student visa in Nigeria, you must legalize your academic certificates in the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria.

How to apply for Poland  Student visa in Nigeria

1- Enroll in an educational institution and obtain an acceptance letter.

2- Go to and sign up to create a profile

3- Select the type of visa you need and fill in the application form you will see.

4- After completing the form correctly, you can book an appointment.

5- Book an appointment for one of the dates you are shown and submit your visa application form.

6- Print out the PDF file shown after you submit your application. This document will show your appointment time.

7- Gather all the requisite documents.

8- Take all the documents and the PDF you printed out with you to the embassy on the day of your appointment.

9- You will also submit your documents at the embassy and be interviewed. Some of the questions you will be asked during the interview include:

– Why do you want to attend a school in Poland?

– Why did you choose this institution?

– Where is your school located?

– Do you plan to work while in Poland?

– Do you have the funds needed to study in Poland?

– What are your plans after graduating?

– Will you return to Nigeria after graduating?

10- After your visa application has been processed, you will go to the embassy to collect your passport and other documents that will be returned to you.

Poland Embassy in Nigeria

The Poland embassy in Nigeria is located in Abuja.

No. 10 River Niger Street, Maitama Extension, Abuja.

Telephone Number (+234) 807 663 1021


The embassy attends to the submission of documents from 9:30 am – 1 pm, Tuesday – Thursday.

Collections are from 2 pm-3 pm, Tuesday-Thursday.


There you have the basics on obtaining a Poland Student Visa, what to expect, and how. Realmina congratulates you on your success.

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