UNILAG Confucius Institute: Chinese Programm Enrollment

UNILAG Confucius Institute is pleased to invite interested candidates to its Chinese language program enrollment.

unilag convocation ceremony

It is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn Chinese by participating in various diverse educational and cultural activities.

UNILAG Confucius Institute Programme Offerings

  • HSK 1: Tuesday and Thursday, Monday and Wednesday,
  • HSK 2: Monday and Wednesday
  • HSK 3: Monday and Wednesday
  • HSK 4: Monday and Wednesday
  • Weekend Classes: HSK 1
  • Each program runs for 2 hours in 16 weeks.

The Confucius Institute offers several other service benefits to its students, in addition to the language courses, including:

  • Chinese Enterprises Internship opportunities.
  • Study in China Scholarships.
  • Growing Chinese Establishments Job Opportunities.

These services and programs help students gain valuable cultural experiences and develop their language skills, opening up new professional and personal growth opportunities.

For enrollment in one of the Chinese language programs at the UNILAG Confucius Institute, call 0802 709 6164 or email confuciusinstitute@unilag.edu.ng.


Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn Chinese and immerse yourself in Chinese culture. Enrol today!

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