University of Ilorin | 37th and 38th Convocation Ceremony Schedule

The University of Ilorin is set to mark its 37th and 38th Convocation Ceremonies, respectively. All concerned students are advised to familiarise themselves with the following pertinent details.

unilorin convocation ceremony

Dates and Venue

The convocation ceremonies are scheduled from Friday, 13th October 2024 to Sunday, 29th October 2024 at the University’s Main Campus.

Important Notices for Graduands

Academic Session Duration and Website Confirmation
The 2024/2025 academic session commenced on 15th December 2022 and is set to conclude on 14th November 2024.

Graduates whose programs fall within these dates should verify their names and graduation status on the official University of Ilorin website.

Mandatory Convocation Charges

Every graduate is required to cover certain costs related to the convocation, regardless of their attendance. Here are the specifics:

Ph.D. Academic Outfits: Price to be confirmed.

  • Academic Outfits Purchase (First or Master Degree): Optional; price to be confirmed.
  • Hiring of Academic Outfits: ₦5,000 (First Degrees), ₦7,500 (Master and Postgraduate Degrees).
  • Other Charges include Order of Proceedings (₦5,000), Convocation Muffler (₦2,000), Student’s Copy of Transcript (₦10,000 for Undergraduate; ₦10,000 for Master & other Postgraduate programs), and Convocation VCD (₦1,500).
  • For a comprehensive breakdown of the total mandatory charges for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. degrees, refer to the table provided below:

Degree Type Charges

  • Undergraduate Degree ₦38,500
  • Master & Postgraduate ₦41,000
  • Ph.D. Degree ₦23,500

Collection of Convocation Materials

Upon showing proof of payment, graduates from 16th October 2024 can collect their Order of Proceedings, Convocation gowns, and other related items from their respective Faculties.

Convocation Rehearsal

Graduands are expected at the University Auditorium by 4:00 p.m. on 18th October 2024 for a rehearsal following the Vice-Chancellor’s Press Conference and Media Chat.

Dress Code and Academic Procession

All attending graduates must partake in the Academic Procession and wear official academic outfits. The dress code stipulates a full English wear or national dress.

Those hiring gowns must either pay a refundable ₦2,500 deposit or provide a completed Guarantor Form from a university staff member.

Return of Hired Gowns

Graduates must return hired gowns to their Faculty Officers by 25th October 2024. Late returns will incur a ₦50 daily fine, deducted from the refundable deposit.

Payment Methodology

Payments should be facilitated using Master or Visa ATM cards. Ensure sufficient funds to cover both convocation and bank charges. Payments commence from 5th October 2024.

Academic Gown Procurement

While Ph.D. graduates must purchase the University’s academic gown, other degrees can be bought. Interested parties can contact the Technical Entrepreneurship Centre (TEC) at the University of Ilorin at +2348036095330.

University of Ilorin Alumni Association

All graduates must download, complete, and save the Google Form of the University of Ilorin Alumni Association available on the university website.


A hearty “Congratulations” to all those convoking at the 37th and 38th UNILORIN Convocation Ceremony.

By attending this event, you will not only be part of a memorable occasion but also have the opportunity to witness future leaders, innovators, and professionals as they take the next step in their academic and professional journeys.

Therefore, do not miss this milestone event. Also, share this article with your friends awaiting news of the UNILORIN Convocation Ceremony.

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