The University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarship 2024/2025

The University of Waterloo, Canada, offers ten Scholarships to incoming undergraduate students, valued at $12,000 to $25,000 each over eight academic terms. These scholarships are open to only international students on a study permit.

Students with any degree in the Faculty of Mathematics can apply for this grant, except those in software engineering, computing, and financial management.

SUNY Plattsburgh

Payments after Year One are contingent upon the student maintaining an overall GPA of 80% or higher and ongoing enrolment in a recognized program.

Candidates must also show a passion for math or computer science that extends beyond the requirements of the required courses.

Examples of this passion include involvement in math or computer science organizations, enriching math classes, volunteer work, and other activities.

The involvement and success in extracurricular activities such as student government, sports, music, and art are also considered.

One of Canada’s top research and academic institutions is the University of Waterloo. Creating, preserving, transferring, and using knowledge is how we work to achieve greatness.

 We have educated and collaborated with exceptional people for over a century to provide knowledge and leadership for a better world.

Value Description

  • You may qualify for a scholarship between $12,000 and $25,000, distributed equally over eight terms.
  • To be considered, your academic performance and extracurricular involvement will be evaluated through the National/Global Scholarship application.


There are several possible degrees to pursue, such as a Double Degree in Business Administration from Laurier and Mathematics from Waterloo or degrees in Mathematics with specializations in Financial Analysis and Risk Management, Computer Science, Business Administration, or Chartered Professional Accountancy.


International students can apply.

Application Details

  • Complete the application for the Scholarship. 
  •  For further details on the application process, go to the Faculty of Mathematics website
  •  Application is due February 9, 2024

Additional instructions: 

Please email in the Faculty of Mathematics if you have questions about this award.


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