How to Calculate Villanova Polytechnic Aggregate Score 2024/2025

This article provides the information you need to calculate the aggregate score for Villanova Polytechnic.

Villanova Polytechnic

Due to the fact that each institution has a distinct cut-off mark, many students struggle to determine their overall scores.

What is Aggregate Score? 

Aggregate score refers to the score gotten by adding two or more scores grades together. The aggregate score is used to determine the cut-off point for admission into each programmes.

For this purpose, it is obtained by finding the average score of a student from his/her UTME and Post UTME scores.

Cut-off points for each course will be determined by the performance of all the candidates who applied for the course.

How to Calculate Villanova Polytechnic Aggregate Score 

To calculate Villanova Polytechnic Aggregate Score, you have to know your JAMB score as well as your Post UTME score.

To correctly calculate your aggregate, know that the JAMB Examination has 400 marks, whereas the Villanova Polytechnic Post UTME is 100 marks.

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8,
  • Divide your Post UTME score by  2,
  • Add up the result.

Say, Treasure had a JAMB score of 240 and a Post UTME score of 60; her aggregate score can be calculated as such:

240 divided by 8 = 30; 60 divided by 2 = 30. Therefore, Treasure’s aggregate score is 30+30= 60.


Calculating your Villanova Polytechnic aggregate score is an important step in the admissions process for all courses at the institution.

Therefore, it is essential to put in your best effort throughout the application process to increase your chances of being admitted to the program of your choice.

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