How to Check Your WAEC Result 2024

There are different ways to check your WAEC result. It’s a matter of what you are comfortable with the most.

WAEC has made it possible to check your result in various ways, including online, SMS, and even with your phone.

This article gives you a detailed guide on how to check your WAEC result using your phone, SMS, or online.

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Requirements to Check Your WAEC Result in 2024

Here is a list of what you need to check your result on your phone

There are two ways you can check your WAEC result.

  • Checking your result online using the waec result checker
  • Checking it via SMS text message

How to Check WAEC Result Online

You cannot check your WAEC result online or offline without purchasing the WAEC result checker scratch card. It contains a 10/12 unique pin you can use to access your result. It cost two thousand Naira (2000)

Below are steps on how to check your result online

  • Visit the official waec portal through
  • Put in your examination number
  • Put in your examination year
  • Choose your examination type: either you are a school candidate or a private candidate.
  • Put in your card serial number
  • Also, put in your scratch card pin (personal identification number)
  • Click on submit and wait for your result
How to Check WAEC Result With Your Phone

How to Check WAEC Result via SMS

This is a way you can check your WAEC result without having to go online. All you need to do is send a short code to  32327 in this format.


You can do this for all networks, e.g., GLO, MTN, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT. You should note that this costs 30 Naira for every trial. Always make sure you do this in the correct format.

Note: WAEC has a limited no of times you can check results per scratch card

How to Save Your WAEC Result on Your Email

To be on the safe side, sending your WAEC result to your email address can save you a whole lot of stress. If you lose your scratch card and you have to access your WAEC result, you can easily retrieve it from your email.

  • Go to WAEC result checker online
  • Click on send the result to email option
  • You will be required to log in and enter your email address and submit
  • Wait for the result to show

Buying Your WAEC Result Checker Scratch Card

The WAEC result checker contains your pin, a 10/12-digit personal identification number.

We have a post dedicated to buying WAEC scratch cards. You can see that here.


Whether you are checking it via SMS or online, always make sure to put in the correct detail in the available box and always do a review before you do the final submission.

This is to avoid problems in the course of getting feedback from WAEC.

You can always reach out to these numbers for online support.

Tel-01-904 9320

+234 9062547247


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