20 Apps Like FloatMe | Alternatives to FloatMe

FloatMe is a cash advance app that allows people to borrow up to $50 interest-free between payment periods.

FloatMe calls this advance a “float,” which can help cover emergencies, unexpected expenses, or pay bills.

Because the amount you owe is taken from your next paycheck, FloatMe typically doesn’t charge late fees or penalties. If you run out of Money when it’s due, FloatMe will only deduct part of the payment to help you avoid overdrafts in your bank account.

In addition, FloatMe does not charge interest on the amount you borrow! If you are curious about apps like FloatMe, this article is for you as we analyze 20 apps like FloatMe.

Apps like FloatMe: Top 20 Alternatives To Try In 2022


Current is a unique checking account that is accessible via a mobile app. The utility of current is to help users spend less money on fees and find better ways to manage their finances.

Using Current, you can get paid up to two days ahead to help you stay financially afloat. You can also overdraft your account for up to $100 for free.

Another feature of Current offers is the instant gas hold refunds when you use your card at the gas station.

Using this feature, you can pump gas without worrying about the immediate availability of funds.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


MyPayNow is one of the latest alternatives to FloatMe. It helps users collect their Pay on the same day. MyPayNow provides instant access to up to 1/4th of your wage with real-time deposits.

With MyPayNow, you can access your money anytime and anywhere. A remarkable feature of MyPayNow is that you don’t need your employer to be registered on the app to take out your Money.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


BeforePay is another great alternative to FloatMe that helps you manage and smartly spend your money by creating a budget seamlessly.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a monthly budget using the BeforePay app.

It provides instant access to your Money at all times without any hassle.

Before Pay provides an option to cash out a portion of your ‘Pay on Demand’ and have a deposit in your account within a minute.

BeforePay provides flexible installments as part of its offerings for up to 4 weeks for a fixed 5% fee.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store

Daily Pay

Daily Pay is a finance app that provides Money as you work. You can easily withdraw the money you have made without hassle.

This is useful for workers who require instant cash during emergencies. Once your check comes in, the app automatically charges the loan back.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


Card.com is an online platform that provides prepaid cards. These prepaid cards are very convenient and easy to finance. They could be used to deposit money directly into an account.

A prepared Card.com card can be financed via partners in the States. Not only can you make ATM withdrawals with these prepaid cards, but they can also transfer funds between two cards.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


Gada is a fantastic alternative to FloatMe, providing a platform to create and use cheques with your phone.

It is useful for small to large businesses. Through Gada, you can create multiple cheques on your device.

All you have to do is to create the cheque and mention the recipient.

The bank processes cheques upon confirmation of ID.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store

Brink’s Money

Brink’s Money is an online financial management app that lets you manage your money like an online bank.

Brink’s Money offers the option to deposit your paychecks into your account. With Brink Money, you can access your money from anywhere in the world.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


PayActiv is an app that lets you get cash advances while you are at work. It enables you to take out Money you have earned working without waiting for your payday.

The Money you loaned is charged back once your paycheck is ready. It could come in handy during emergencies.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


GoBank is an online financial service provider offering its users financial management services. It helps create budgets according to the user’s needs and helps them stick by them.

It also helps users save Money. Those who need to check and control their expenses should check it out.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store

Alliant Banking

Alliant Banking has been in the industry for more than 20 years. They help users invest their Money for periodic returns.

They are known for being very customer-centric.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store

Western Union NetSpend Prepaid

Western Union owns Western Union NetSpend. The services provided by the NetSpend app help its members keep track of their transactions and expenses all in one place.

It also helps users deposit checks into their accounts seamlessly. Users have 24/7 access to their accounts from anywhere in the world.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


Brigit is another great alternative to FloatMe. It helps you to manage your budget and helps offer cash advances in case of an emergency. You can qualify for an advance of up to $250, depending on your income.

Birgit can help you source for a side hustle to bring in some extra income whenever you are in need.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


MoneyLion can help you stretch your finances in between paychecks. MoneyLion can provide zero-interest loans and also help you receive salary payments early.

They have the Instacash package that can advance you $250 anytime with no interest fees against your paycheck.

It has no membership fees except the transaction fee for expedited cash transfers.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


Earnin helps you get paid for your work as and when you do it. It allows you to cash out the required amount you have made while working without waiting for your paycheck.

Earnin charges back the Money from the paycheck when it comes.

There is an initial withdrawal cap of $100, but as you use the app regularly, you’ll withdraw up to $500 per day in advance.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


If you want to eliminate overdrafts cutting into your budget, then Dave is for you. Dave constantly analysis your finances and warn you of a potential overdraft.

You can move funds around when the warning alert comes in; you’ll avoid paying an overdraft fee. If funds are unavailable now, Dave will provide a small cash advance to borrow with zero interest.

However, you’ll have to repay the fee as your next paycheck arrives. This service costs about $1 per month.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store

Ingo Money

Ingo Money offers services, including personal, business, and cash paychecks, accessible from anywhere worldwide.

It also helps you transfer money quickly and easily.

Some other benefits of the ingo money app are the payment of credit card bills, money transfers to multiple accounts, and redemption of Amazon gift cards.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


The branch is an app that requires zero membership fees. It helps you with financial advances from your earnings on the same day.

On Branch, you can upload your working hours and get an advance against your wages.

The catch is that you can only use this service if your employer is registered with Branch and has an account with them.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store

Hanscom FCU

Hanscom FCU is a charitable foundation that provides donations to noble causes.

Not only do they help charitable organizations financially, but they also provide HR services.

Hansom is free, and no administrative charges are required.

Available on: Google PlayStore | Apple Store


I hope this recommendation on other apps like FloatMe was instructive. FloatMe helps provide emergency cover for those in need of funds.

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