Camping in the Desert | How to Survive

Camping in the Desert is one adventure you should try before your journey ends here on Earth.

Camping in the Desert | How to Survive

Deserts can be dangerous, but isn’t that one characteristic of an adventure? What’s an adventure without stories of dangers you managed to survive?

Don’t get too scared yet; there are no Egyptian mummies or zombies to chase you around the Desert in the middle of the night.

If you appreciate nature, you will agree that camping in the Desert is the most beautiful experience you could ever have.

Have you seen the star-lit sky from a desert view? Have you felt scorching heat all day that suddenly becomes biting cold?

If you have not, then you are missing out on what can be the best part of being human.

Since you will be camping in the Desert soon, we have taken the time to create a “how to survive” guide for you.

This article outlines all you need to know about camping in the Desert, safety measures, how to survive, and how to make the best of your camping experience.

Camping in the Desert – 10 Essential Gadgets

As you know, a desert isn’t like a typical ecosystem; there are usually rapid temperature shifts, high current winds, scorching sun, biting cold, and dehydration.

Therefore, if you are going to camp in the Desert, here are ten essential gadgets you must have in your backpack:

  • A Gadget(s) For Navigation
  • A Gadget(s) For Sun Shielding
  • A Gadget(s) For Cold Temperatures
  • A Gadget(s) For First Aid and Health Emergencies
  • A Gadget(s) For Staying Lighted Up
  • A Gadget(s) For Setting a Campfire
  • A Gadget(s) For Minor Repairs
  • A Gadget(s) For Staying Hydrated
  • A Gadget(s) For Making Meals
  • A Gadget(s) For Shelter

Gadgets for Navigation in the Desert

Camping in the Desert | How to Survive

These days, deserts have suitable landmarks that can help you navigate the various creeks and crevices in the Desert.

However, it is essential that when you are camping in the Desert, you have tools for navigating your way to fun points and back to your campsite.

Gadgets for Navigation in the Desert include Maps, compasses, GPS, GPS-enabled phones, and a wristwatch.

A map, compass and GPS will help you trace your way back to your campsite if you ever get lost during a tour in the Desert, while a wristwatch will help you decide when the hike is enough and it is time to return to base.

Gadgets For Sun Shielding

The Desert is called the Desert because of the heat and dryness in the atmosphere. At midday, when the sun is up, the Desert can be the hottest place in the world

hence, if you are camping in the Desert, you should have sun-shielding gadgets like sunglasses, sunscreens, and hats.

Going along with an umbrella for extra comfort as you walk through the Desert is also helpful.

Gadgets for Cold Temperatures

The night in the Desert is the complete opposite of the day.

At night the temperature can fall to considerably low degrees. Therefore, we advise that you take along gadgets like a jacket, gloves, sweatshirts, and hats to keep yourself warm through the night.

Gadget(s) For First Aid and Health Emergencies

When it comes to Deserts, you can never be too careful. Hence a first aid kit should be the first thing on your list of baggage.

A simple bruise could become a complicated injury if you do not apply for immediate medical help.

You do not want your camping in the Desert to become the reason why you get to visit the doctor for an amputation, right?

Therefore “in all thy getting” as you embark on your desert camping journey, get a first aid kit.

Gadgets for Setting Campfire

You would need a way to make a campfire in the Desert to survive.

Setting up a fire in the Desert is a traditional camping posse, but it’s part of the fun of camping in the Desert. So, get a match, some oil or gas, and some wood, if possible.

You can also get a portable camp gas cylinder if you prefer to travel heavily.

Gadgets for Staying Lighted Up

The gadgets for staying lighted up include torches, flashlights, and headlights. Keeping your camp lighted at night is essential, as it helps to make the presence of humans in the Desert obvious.

Gadgets for Minor Repairs

You need equipment like screwdrivers, belts, scissors, pliers, and all the simple mechanical and electrical gadgets you can use.

This can come in handy in the event of a complication in your Desert mobile or sleep tent. But, like the boy’s scout, you must always be prepared.

Gadgets for Staying Hydrated

Water, beverages, caffeinated drinks, ice cream, and everything keep you from running low on hydration.

The Desert is dry, and as you hike in it, you need to sip on something that rejuvenates the moisture your body loses.

Gadgets for Making Meals

Camping in the Desert | How to Survive

Except you made provisions for canned meals and are a fan of cold food, you should make provisions for gadgets that help you cook in the Desert.

Your desert campfire can help. You could also try out a solar power electric cooker. But ensure you have provisions for food in your desert adventure.

Gadgets For Shelter

A tent is the most critical shelter you need in a desert.

However, be careful where and how you set up the Tent. Do not leave the Tent set out under the scorching sun, except if it is covered by shade.

Also, choose a tent with the correct temperature calibration to prevent overheating and freezing.

Camping in the Desert | How to Survive

Camping in the Desert- Best Survival Tips You Should Know

Now you have the right gear. Your camping in the Desert just got one step easier. But you need a few more tips to help you have the best desert camping experience.

The Desert Isn’t Always Hot.

As we already told you, deserts have fluctuating temperatures between cold and hot. 

At night, the desert temperature that scorched during the day suddenly drops to biting cold, sometimes dropping below freezing. 

Therefore, as you go camping in the Desert, you must get every necessary gadget, clothing, and device to protect yourself against the dwindling temperature rise and fall.

This means adding sunscreen to your luggage while making room for thermal layers, thick socks, a beanie, and thick gloves. 

Ensure your sleeping Tent’s temperature is just good enough to keep you warm at night and cold during the day.

Don’t Joke With Water

A major characteristic of deserts is dryness. Therefore, before you embark on your trip, you must plan to stay hydrated while camping in the Desert. 

Ensure you pack in every water you can lay your hands on. Keep your eyes open for water resources along the route you are taking.

Make provision for water treatment if you run out of water and have to get water from a nearby brook.

Whether you prefer to filter your water on-site or carry it around filtered, you should endeavor to drink enough to keep your urine from becoming too yellow, which isn’t an excellent thing for your kidney. 

This means that you will have to drink an average of eight liters of water daily while you continue camping in the Desert.

We recommend you sip regularly instead of simply gulping a good amount when thirsty.

You should never wait to be thirsty in the Desert before chugging on some water because the chances are that your body is already half dehydrated before feeling thirsty.

Whether camping in the Desert for a day or two days, you need a good water supply nearby.

A cooler file with cold beverages is also a great way to recover from the scorching midday desert sun.

Know Your Route

Most of us grew up with the stereotypic ideas of stories of people getting lost in the Desert, hallucinating, and making friends with snake carcasses. 

These stories are fake. They are just figments of people’s creative imagination.

Most deserts have plenty of physical landmarks and well-maintained trails and signs, so you’ve nothing to fear about suddenly falling into a bottomless pit somewhere within the Desert.

However, if you miss your way while hiking, you might have to walk all night long in the Desert, searching for the location you pitched your Tent. 

The result of missing your way is a minor inconvenience and extra miles of walking, which you might not have enough water for, plus the night cold.

This is why we advise that you know your route well to avoid any desert wandering in the first place. 

Take a map and a compass, and study your route thoroughly before hiking. 

A GPS device can be a great way to track your route.


Camping in the desert just got easier with the survival tips in this article.

If you go camping in the desert, you must be well acquainted with the information in this guide.

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