Abia State University’s Resolute Stance on Maintaining High Academic and Moral Standards

The esteemed Vice-Chancellor of Abia State University Uturu, Prof. Onyemachi Ogbulu, has unequivocally articulated the university’s dedication to nurturing an environment free from academic misdemeanors and other societal vices.


They’ve particularly underscored the peril of involving oneself in activities such as cultism, the consumption of hard drugs, examination malpractice, and the difficult trend of indecent dressing.

Students who fail to adhere to these regulations face the severe consequence of expulsion.

Ensuring a Truthful Representation of the Institution

Moreover, Professor Ogbulu expressed profound concerns regarding the current trend where misinformation can be easily propagated.

Students were admonished against disseminating fake news or portraying the institution in a negative light through social media platforms.

In the digital age, where reputations can be tarnished within seconds, such a warning holds significant weight.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Harassment

Emphasizing their unwavering stance, Professor Ogbulu asserted that the university’s management holds a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of exploitation or molestation of students.

Encouraging open communication, students were urged to promptly report any incidents of intimidation or harassment directly to the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Charting the Path to Academic Excellence

On the occasion of the 41st Matriculation ceremony at Uturu, the Vice-Chancellor took the opportunity to remind the freshly inducted students of the significance of their journey.

They were implored to tread the path of their academic careers with impeccable conduct, utmost diligence, and fierce determination as a tribute to the sacrifices made by their guardians and parents.

Upholding the Legacy: Commitment to Quality Education

Reiterating the university’s longstanding commitment, Professor Ogbulu voiced the institution’s unwavering pledge to molding high-calibre graduates.

Additionally, stressing the importance of individual passion in academic pursuits, parents were advised against imposing course choices upon their wards.

Professor Ogbulu also gave an assurance, stating, “We pledge to impart a top-tier education to your wards, equipping them with skills to not only thrive in their chosen careers but also to care for you in their future endeavours. “

Admission Statistics and Future Prospects

Delving into the specifics, the Vice-Chancellor disclosed that a commendable number of 4,546 students, encompassing 4,404 regular scholars, 100 from the ICE, and 42 postgraduate students, had been granted admission.

Those eager to secure a place in this renowned university were encouraged to explore various admission avenues to pursue their preferred disciplines.

A Word of Gratitude and Future Aspirations

The Vice-Chancellor lauded the Governor, Alex Otti, highlighting his swift interventions, which have been instrumental in steering the university through the multifaceted challenges faced by the education sector in Nigeria.

Professor Ogbulu remains optimistic about the institution achieving unprecedented milestones under Governor Otti’s astute leadership.

The Essence of Meeting Expectations

Venerable Ugochukwu Ihechukwu, in his insightful sermon titled “Fulfilling the Expectations Over Your Life,” accentuated the importance of meeting the hopes placed upon students by their families, society, and the institution.

He elucidated that success culminates in hard work, perseverance, and righteousness.

To truly shine, one must exhibit diligence in one’s academic endeavors, maintain focus, surround oneself with positive influences, and remain steadfast in their goals.

Success isn’t achieved by mere wishful thinking; it demands unwavering commitment.


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