CAC Registration Fees in Nigeria 2024 Update 

How much is CAC Registration fees in Nigeria? In this article, you’ll discover the cost of CAC registration fees in Nigeria, as well as the prerequisites and procedures for registering your company.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has been the federal government agency in charge of supervising and regulating commercial activity as well as business registrations since 1990.

All firms, whether public or private, are required to be registered with the agency.

Let’s look at the CAC registration fees now. The cost of CAC registration fees for businesses varies based on the type of business.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a private or public corporation, a sole proprietorship, or a partnership. All of the CAC registration fees are listed in the table below.

CAC Registration Fees in Full

The official application fee is N10,000, but there are additional fees, which are listed below.

Type of CAC Registration Fees in Naira(N)

  • Reservation of a Company Name 500
  • Trusteeship incorporation 30,000
  • Notice of change of name application 10,000
  • Changes in Trusteeship application 10,000
  • Notice of amendment to the constitution application 6,000
  • Filling out annual returns 5000
  • Search on incorporated trustees file 2,000
  • Filing of notice of court order for dissolution of incorporated trustees 5000
  • 5000 copies of a certified authentic copy of the constitution
  • 1000 Miscellaneous and other documents to be filed
  • True copies of other documents that have been certified 2000
  • Company name registration 10,000
  • A true copy of the certificate of incorporation 10000 
  • filing of a notice of change of business name 5000
  • Business Names is a searchable database of business names. 1000
  • Notice of change of business address, ownership, or annual address 1000
  • An authentic copy of the business name certificate registration number 5000.
  • Registration of a private business with a share capital greater than N500 million is N7,500 for every N1 million share capital
  • N20,000 for the first N1 million share capital/registration of a public company/increase of share capital
  • Private business registration with a share capital of N1 million to N500 million N5,000 for every N1 million share capital
  • Registration of a Public Company Increase in Share Capital From N1 Million to N500 Million 10,000
  • N1 million share capital increase/registration of a public company/increase in share capital above N500 million 15,000
  • Registration of a company with no share capital. 20,000
  • Filing of the annual return for a -share public corporation 5000
  • Filing of the annual return for the Limited by Guarantee corporation.5000
  • Filing of an annual return for a private corporation with a modest business of N3,000.
  • Filing of notice of exemption of foreign Companies from registration N30,000
  • Filing of notice of merger/acquisition 50,000
  • Filing of other documents relating to the merger 10,000
  • Filing of a deed of release by a public company 10,000
  • Filing of a deed of release by a private company 5000
  • Letter of Good Standing 10,000
  • Filing of notice of change of signature 2,000
  • Other filings (miscellaneous) 2,000

How To Register A Business Under CAC

Knowing the cost of CAC registration fees isn’t enough; you also need to know the steps to take in registering such businesses.

Before registering your firm with the CAC, you need to obtain the following information.

Requirements for CAC Business Registration

  • To be used as a business name
  • Name of a lone proprietor or your business partners
  • Partners’ agreement (if a partnership business)
  • Certificate of Identification for Passports
  • N10,000 is the official charge.
  • After you’ve gathered all of these items, you can apply for your business’s registration.

How Do I Register My Business With The CAC?

  • is the CAC website portal.
  • Confirm the company’s chosen name. This price is for N500 only; for further information, see the cost of CAC registration costs.
  • Proceed to registration after ensuring that the name has not been used previously.
  • Fill out the Pre-registration form completely, including the name of your business partner if applicable.
  • After completing the application, pay the application cost online.
  • After you’ve completed the form and paid, print out your company name.
  • If necessary, add your signature on the printing form.
  • After you’ve signed the form, go ahead and upload the following:
  • Two passports are required.
  • Note that has been approved is printed out


If all of the relevant paperwork is submitted and implemented correctly, your application will be successful.

Depending on a variety of circumstances, registering your business could take up to 24 hours or more.

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