Climate Leadership Fellowship 2024 for Nigerian Youths | Cohort 3

Climate Leadership Fellowship 2024 is seeking applications from Nigerian youths who are passionate.

The Climate Leadership Fellowship (Special Edition for Energy Leaders) is designed to provide expert training to fellows who work in, or are enthusiastic about, clean cooking, clean energy, solar power, and waste-to-energy sectors on the concept and applications of renewable energy for a better climate.

Following training, all fellows will Adopt a School where they will educate on climate change and renewable energy, assisting in the development of young people who will support a climate-resilient nation.

All fellows will be given a climate education toolkit to use in the classroom as well as a certificate of climate leadership.

Climate Leadership Fellowship Program Outline

  • Provide expert training on climate change advocacy in relation to clean energy transition and leadership to promote national climate resilience.
  • Expose young people to the various opportunities within the renewable energy sector.
  • To establish Green Clubs across two hundred secondary schools in Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.
  • To train and mentor two hundred young Nigerians as climate change educators in year one.
  • To train 20000 secondary school students as climate champions through the fellows Adopt a School and Teach climate change in year one.
  • To provide internship and work experience for trained climate advocates through Adopt a School.
  • To invest in and Promote a climate-resilient energy sector.
  • Build two hundred sustainability and climate-smart schools across the six geopolitical zones.

Climate Leadership Fellowship Eligibility

  • Open to youth aged between 22 – 35 years;
  • Demonstrated leadership for climate change and renewable energy;
  • Part of a growing environmental/renewable energy organization or involved/interested in a renewable energy business (serving Corp members with interest in renewable energy can apply);
  • Graduated from University;
  • Interested in clean/renewable energy solutions for electricity or for cooking;
  • Passion for promoting awareness of climate change;
  • From any part of the world but resident in Nigeria.

Climate Leadership Fellowship Benefits

  • Receive expert training from globally renowned climate activists.
  • Be trained as a climate change educator.
  • Receive a Climate Change Education toolkit to teach in secondary schools.
  • Become a part of the climate change awareness front liners.
  • Gain access to free training and upskilling programs.
  • Gain work experience in the area of climate leadership.
  • Gain recommendations for fellowships or international training.
  • Receive a Climate Leadership Certificate.

How to Apply for Climate Leadership Fellowship

Interested candidates who meet the criteria listed above should apply by clicking on the “Apply” button below:

Selected applicants should be available and willing to teach climate change within their communities using the provided toolkit, participate in the climate leadership expert training, submit a fellowship work plan, and be available for all virtual meetings.

Participants are expected to:

  • Commit 5 hours per week to expert training and LIVE calls
  • Adopt a school and complete the four-week program teaching climate change in schools
  • Demonstrate innovation during the Adopt a School


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