How to Create A .Edu Email Account for free in 2024

How do I Create A .Edu Email Account for free? A .edu email account is an email account that is usually provided by the university, college, and school for their students and staff.

Create a .edu Email Account for free

It is important to note that a .edu email address is exclusively American.

It is usually reserved for American citizens (students and staff members). University administration officials mostly use Edu emails for effective communication between administrative officers, students, and staff.

Upon admission into an American University or college, you’ll be provided with a .edu email address that is usually a combination of your name and school. It usually looks like this “”

It is such a sleek email address to have and comes with tons of benefits, such as mouth-watering discounts from major companies in the United States of America. 

Benefits of Having A .Edu Email Address

Some advantages of owning a .edu email address include the following:

  1. Free software licenses to students by Autodesk, which are incredibly useful in the learning process. After creating an account on the Autodesk website using your .edu email address, you have access to an array of free software licenses to aid your learning process. The entire process is quite easy when you have your .edu email account.
  2. Students with a .edu email address enjoy a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime, which entails free shipping and two-day assured delivery on items. You also save a lot on textbooks, sometimes up to 90%, and a six-month free subscription to Amazon Prime Video to enjoy huge budget shows such as lord of the Rings. This definitely sounds like a deal for me in heaven. To access all of these mouth-watering offers, you must first create an account using your .edu email address.
  3. Quite a number of web servers offer significant savings on web hosting and free domains to students who own a .edu email address. It saves you a significant sum of money on your monthly hosting expenses. Some of the web hosting companies that offer these exciting packages include, SiteGround, Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting, Dreamhost, ZNetLive, etc. 
  4. You can get Microsoft Office 365 for students free of charge with your valid .edu email address. You also have at your disposal a variety of free software and significant savings on quite a number of its products for students and teachers.
  5. With a valid .edu email address, students can get special offers from Google’s G Suite Education Account, which includes about 5TB of storage. This allows you to store as much data as you want for as long as you have a .edu email account.
  6. A valid .edu email account gets you a package worth $1,000 and some more free products from Github. 

How to Create A .Edu Email Account for Free in 2024

This article is written specifically for students who are not residents of the United States and who require some of these advantages to aid their academic work.

To create a .edu email account for free, you’ll need a U.S Identity Address and SSN (Social Security Number). If these requirements are unavailable, we’ll also teach you how to get or bypass them.

We believe every student should have equal opportunities wherever they are in the world.

1. You’ll log onto the Virginia Community Colleges website, click on “create an account,” and start creating an account.

2. Go through any link on the world wide web search and create anonymous profile information and use that same information to register. You must be under twenty-three years of age before you can sign up.

3. Put the information you created into the account creation on the Virginia community college’s website. Type in your name, date of birth, and social security number.

4. Type in your email address and enter a U.S. phone number. Type in your street address generated by you and click on continue. 

5. Type in your username, password, and pin

6. Choose a random security question, solve the captcha quiz, and click on “Create my account.”


The advantages of having a .edu email address as a student are just too numerous to mention.

Having access to anonymous address generator tools to obtain U.S. citizenship information is needed to be able to own a .edu account successfully.

This article is strictly for educational and research purposes, and we do not encourage breaking the law in any manner.

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