How to Activate UBA Transfer Code Without an ATM Card

Have you struggled to activate the UBA transfer code without an ATM card? in this article, we will cover how to activate your UBA code without an ATM card.

If you have been stressing yourself in ATM or banking hall queues because you had no idea it was possible to make a mobile transfer without an internet connection. read till the end.

Activating UBA Transfer Code Without an ATM Card

Step 1

Ensure you have an active bank account registered in any UBA branch nationwide.

Step 2

Grab your mobile device and dial *919# to get started.

Instantly, you’ll receive an on-screen message that reads, “Welcome to USSD Banking. #6.98 network charge will apply to your account for banking services on this channel. Press 919 to accept or 2 to reject.”

Below that same message, you’d see a line (___________) 

Type code 919 into that line and click the send button. Once you do, you’d be redirected to a new page with the heading Carrier info.

Step 3 

Once you are redirected, Click 3 if you’re transferring funds to a UBA account and four if you are transferring to a bank outside UBA.

Step 4

If it’s your first time using the transfer code, you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll be required to enter your account number and ATM card details and create a pin for security reasons.

After filling in those details, you’ll be redirected to enter the amount you intend to transfer and your pin.

Having reached this stage, congratulations to you. You can begin sending cash utilizing the transfer code.

This means that, instead of being redirected to fill in your card details and account number subsequently, you can automatically make your transfer.

Step 5

This step is only attainable after step 1 and 4 has been taken.

By dialing *919*3*account number*amount#, you can instantly transfer to another UBA account.

For instance: *919*3*0233495359*15000#

This step applies to sending Money to Non-UBA Banks.

By Non-UBA banks, I mean other commercial banks outside UBA. Examples are UBA to Fidelity Bank, UBA to Access Bank, Diamond, Zenith, Ecobank, First Bank, Union, and different banks in Nigeria.

The same transfer code *919# can likewise be utilized. However, instead of *919*3# used above, the code *919*4# is what works.

Aside from utilizing this code in the transferring of money to the accounts of people, this code also comes in handy when:

Transferring airtime to yourself and a 3rd party

Recharging your MTN, GLO, 9Mobile/Etisalat line, and that of a 3rd party is another benefit of using the UBA code.

The UBA transfer code to acquire airtime for yourself is *919*amount# while the UBA transfer code to buy airtime for others is *919*14*phone number*amount#

Transferring data to yourself and a 3rd party.

In transferring data to yourself or any third party, using the UBA transfer code is also possible. Regardless of your mobile carrier’s name or that of the 3rd party:

  • Dial *919*14# to purchase data for self
  • Dial *919* 14*phone number# to purchase data for a third party.

After dialing the code, all you have to do is confirm your PIN to recharge.

Checking your account balance

This way, you do not need to be at the mercy of getting a credit or debit SMS alert before ascertaining your account balance.

The code configured to check your UBA account balance is *919*00#. Note that a fee of #10 to #15 applies every time you utilize this code to check your account balance.

Booking flights

Isn’t it interesting to know that you can use the UBA USSD code to book flights?

Your UBA transfer code covers flights for all airlines. However, for ease of transfer, you must know the code of the airline you intend to fly with for easy access

For example, to book flights with:

  • Emirates airline use *919*12*176#
  • For Kenya Airways, use *919*12*706

Pay bills

The UBA transfer code can be used to pay bills such as DStv subscriptions and electricity bills, amongst others. To pay bills, simply dial *919*5# 


There you have it, the no-stress guide to activating UBA transfer codes without ATM. This all-encompassing guide has all the details you require to use the codes of UBA bank to transact without an ATM.

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