Does Walmart Drug Test Their Employees Before Employment?

Does Walmart Drug Test Its Employees? Walmart is one of the world’s biggest retailers and is among the world’s largest corporations.

The company headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962.

Walmart operates in over 27 countries and has more than 4000 sites and 11000 shops.

Walmart has grown into a one-stop shopping destination, offering everything, ranging from groceries and entertainment to sporting goods.

Walmart also owns controlling holdings in 56 nations operating under 56 separate identities.

Walmart is currently the world’s largest private employer, employing over 2.2 million people worldwide, including roughly 1.5 million in the US.

Does Walmart Drug Test Their Employees Before Employing Them?

Walmart does not require job applicants to undergo pre-employment drug testing. However, if you are given a job and are scheduled to be hired, you could be forced to submit to a drug test.

Employees could also be subjected to random drug testing as a requirement of continued employment if there are grounds to think they are under the influence of banned substances.

When Do Walmart Drug Test Their Employees?

Before accepting a position at Walmart, it is important to know when, how, and if Walmart conducts drug tests on its employees. Here are some major times when Walmart would do drug testing.

1. Pre-Employment Drug Testing

This is dependent on the position you are applying for; you could be required to take a drug test before undergoing your orientation.

Although it has been stated that Walmart very rarely carries out drug tests for interviews.

But jobs in Walmart that are more skilled or require you to deal with heavy machinery, like working in the deli with knives, pharmacy, Auto Center, or firearms departments, could require a drug test before you could be hired.  

If you are required to take a pre-employment drug test, you will be told after the interview. as drug tests will not occur during the interview itself.  

2. Random Tests

Occasionally, Walmart conducts random drug tests. This is to ensure that the workplace is safe for all of its employees.

Random tests are usually random and could take place at the local managers’ discretion.  

3. Suspicion Tests

This happens if you are suspected of drug use while on the job; your manager or supervisor could ask that you be subjected to a drug test.

This would be completed well within their rights as an employer to conduct a drug test and can happen at any time if your behaviour indicates you might possibly be under the influence of drugs. 

4. Post-Accident Tests

Workplace accidents might happen, and if you are involved in one, you will likely be subjected to a drug test even if you weren’t the cause of the accident.

This is done to get to the bottom of the cause of the accident, and it is in line with safety policy.  

What Kinds Of Drug Test Does Walmart Do?

Presently, Walmart carries out drug tests by collecting urine samples. Employees are given a cup in which to collect their urine.

This is done in the restroom, and you cannot take anything else in there with you. 

There are several requirements for a sample to be considered viable. If it is suspected that you altered your test at all, it will be considered a positive test.  

What Kinds Of Drugs Does Walmart Screen For? 

The urine test carried out by Walmart is to test for Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, PCP, and Heroin.  

How Long Does A Walmart Drug Test Take?

If you are told to submit to a drug test, you’ll have twenty-four hours from the time you are notified to do so.

The sample collection process only takes a few minutes.

Once the specimen is given to the lab, it usually takes one or two days for the results to be out.  

What Happens If You Happen to Fail A Drug Test? 

If you fail to show up for a drug test or the results come back positive, you will not be given the position you interviewed for. Your employment could be terminated if you are a current employee and you return a positive drug test.


I hope this article on Walmart Drug tests was informative. Feel free to share with your friends, and good luck job hunting!

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