How Much Does GameStop Pay in 2024

GameStop is arguably the largest US player in the retail sector, focusing on video games and PC entertainment software, and it also ranks in the top five in the toy retailing sector.

Not only new and used software, but GameStop’s stores also sell new and used video game equipment. The company has approximately 1,750 retail stores located in 49 states across the United States.

GameStop dominated business headlines in 2021 when the company’s stock price skyrocketed due to a short squeeze orchestrated by members of the Internet forum r/wallstreetbets.

It garnered serious media attention during January and February 2021 due to the volatility of its stock price. 

In this article, we’ll be answering the question of how much GameStop pays its employees.

How Much Does GameStop Pay?

GameStop’s payment structure is based on hierarchy.

According to Zippia, employees earn an average of $30,250 per year, which is about $14.54 an hour. However, there’s a significant difference between the top 10% of earners and the bottom 10% of earners.

The highest-paid employees at GameStop can earn over $53,000 a year, and the lowest employee $16,000.

Job TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Senior Advisor$133,087$63.98
2Sales Representative$60,594$29.13
3Store Manager$44,968$21.62
4Assistant Manager$40,858$19.64
6Warehouse Worker$34,750$16.71
7Customer Service Associate$32,496$15.62
8Store Leader$31,713$15.25
9Key Holder$31,222$15.01
10Shift Leader$30,410$14.62
11Customer Service Representative$28,998$13.94
12Sales Associate$28,055$13.49
14Game Advisor$26,041$12.52
GameStop’s payment structure is based on hierarchy.

The positions of Senior Advisor and Sales representative are the most lucrative.

GameStop Salaries By Location

RankLocationAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1San Francisco, CA$40,007$19.23
2Minneapolis, MN$32,785$15.76
3Fort Carson, CO$32,734$15.74
4Grapevine, TX$28,557$13.73
5Salt Lake City, UT$27,832$13.38
6Shepherdsville, KY$27,146$13.05
7Fort Lauderdale, FL$26,786$12.88

San Francisco tops the table for the location with the highest average pay.

GameStop Competitors and How Much They Pay.

Best Buy is GameStop’s biggest competition in the retail business, and this is how much they pay.

Job TitleAverage Best Buy SalaryHourly Rate
1Operations Manager$110,861$53.30
2Office Lead$101,288$48.70
3Team Leader$83,424$40.11
4Front End Lead$75,601$36.35
5Senior Operator$64,572$31.04
6Sales Consultant$60,517$29.09
7Operation Supervisor$54,546$26.22
8Assistant Manager$53,487$25.71
9Computer Technician$41,958$20.17
10Department Supervisor$40,668$19.55
11Inventory Specialist$39,362$18.92
12Wireless Consultant$38,927$18.71
13Asset Protection Associate$36,632$17.61
14Warehouse Worker$35,078$16.86
15Customer Service Specialist$35,029$16.84
16Loss Prevention Officer$32,546$15.65
17Geek Squad Agent$32,498$15.62
18Advanced Repair Agent$32,092$15.43
20Customer Service Representative$31,607$15.20

Average BestBuy Salaries By Location

Workers tend to earn different salaries depending on the location since the cost of living can be higher in certain areas. 

Looking at the stats, we can see that employees working for Best Buy earn more in some parts than others. 

The table below shows that Best Buy employees in Ontario get paid the most, where the average pay is $52,840. 

This can be compared to Islandia, where Best Buy employees could earn an average salary of $51,389.

Salaries By Location At Best Buy

RankLocationAverage Best Buy SalaryHourly Rate
1Ontario, CA$52,840$25.40
2Islandia, NY$51,389$24.71
3Watertown Town, MA$48,495$23.31
4Piscataway, NJ$47,731$22.95
5Wallingford, CT$47,655$22.91
6Seattle, WA$47,446$22.81
7Manchester, NH$44,660$21.47
8Bel Air, MD$44,384$21.34
9Richfield, MN$40,517$19.48
10Bangor, ME$40,499$19.47
11Athens, GA$38,219$18.37
12Bluffton, SC$37,849$18.20
13Jacksonville, FL$37,683$18.12
14Bel Air, MD$36,768$17.68


GameStop is one of the biggest tech retailers in North America. I hope this piece was helpful in answering the question of how much GameStop pays. Kindly share with your friend if you found this useful.

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