Latest (DSTV Padi channels) list and price in Nigeria

DStv has been known for entertaining a large population of Nigeria for years now. Another great thing about DSTV is the availability of a wide variety of packages for her audience, which everyone can attest to.

You can find the bundle that works for you regardless of your economic class. So, what are the Dstv padi channels and prices in Nigeria?

DStv Padi Package

The DSTv Padi subscription is one of these affordable bundles for all classes. It was first made available in 2019. And has since served Nigerians from all spheres of life.

Are you a bachelor or bachelorette, and do you need a cable subscription for just you? You might have found it. The DStv Padi plan is an entry-level plan which means it is the lowest available plan by DStv for now.

Dstv Padi Price and Perks

Going for the price of N1,850 per month and N20,350 per year, it’s entertainment at your fingertips. Speaking of entertainment, all your favourite shows are not left out, as it has over 40 full channels and 11 audio channels.

The channels range from sports to entertainment channels to drama-packed Nollywood channels, News channels, kids channels, Telenovela channels, educational channels, documentaries, and more. Everything you love to see on TV.

Although all these channels are present, some are not in the quantity they usually are for other packages.

For example, the only sports channel is super sports Blitz while the Africa Magic channels available are just AM Igbo, AM Yoruba, and AM Hausa. However, this hasn’t deterred anyone from purchasing the package if need be.

Also, you have the chance to connect three decoders to this subscription as well and watch from three places in the home. Not forgetting also the ability to watch on your other smart devices on the go.

DStv Padi Channel List

Here is a list of the channels available:

1. Africa Magic Igbo (channel 159)

2. Africa Magic Hausa (channel 156)

3. TeleMundo (channel 118)

4. Africa Magic Yoruba (channel 157)

5. Trybe (channel 195)

6. Televista (channel 194)

7. B4U Movies (channel 451)

8. Spice TV (channel 190)

9. NatGeo Wild (channel 182)

10. SuperSport Blitz (channel 220)

11. TVC News Nigeria (channel 418)

12. NTA parliament (channel 370)

13. Joy News (channel 421)

14. BBC World News (channel 400)

15. CNC World (channel 415)

16. Arise News (channel 416)

17. Mindset (channel 319)

18. Jim Jam (channel 310)

19. Urban TV (channel 328)

20. TRACE Naija (channel 325)

21. AFRO Music English (channel 326)

22. WAP TV (channel 262)

23. Wazobia Max (channel 259)

24. OGtv (channel 260)

25. NTA News 24 (channel 419)

26. NTA 2 (channel 369)

27. Galaxy TV (channel 258)

28. Arewa 24 (channel 261)

29. Silverbird (channel 252)

30. NTA I (channel 251)

31. MiTV (channel 255)

32. Lagos TV (channel 256)

33. Channels (channel 254)

34. AIT (channel 253)

35. Adom TV (channel 280)

36. eTV Africa (Channel 250)

37. Fiesta TV (channel 329)

38. K24 (channel 275)

39. Day Star (channel 342)

40. Dove TV (channel 349)

41. Emmanuel TV (channel 390)

42. Eternal Word Television Network (channel 348)

43. FAITH (channel 341)

44. Islam Channel (channel 347)

45. TBN (channel 343)

46. TV Mundial (P) (channel 680)

47. Lumen Christi (channel 350)

Audio Channels List:

1. BBC World Service English (channel 850)

2. BBC World Radio 2 (channel 851)

3. BBC African Languages (channel 852)

4. Voice of America (channel 853)

5. World Radio Network (channel 854)

6. Channel Islam Internationale (channel 865)

7. Radio France Internationale (channel 866)

8. RAYFM (channel 868)

9. Star (channel 869)

10. Rhythm (channel 870)

11. TransAfrica Radio (channel 872)

The subscription mode is not different from the mode of subscribing to other packages.

How To Subscribe To Padi Package you could go through quick teller to subscribe to the Padi package

Mobile Banking App: you can easily make use of your mobile banking app

DsTv Agents: at almost every corner of every street, you’ll come across a DStv agent ready to be a middleman for your payment. Stop by any of their shops and let them help you stay connected to your favourite shows.

You would need your DStv card pin readily available for all of these methods.


The package is not what most DStv customers are used to, but it’s a big step on DStv’s side to ensure everyone enjoys their entertainment stream.

The clear list shows that you’ll get your money’s worth. Seeing this package’s wide variety, you can say that it is your “padi.”

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