How To Check My Glo Number

Having more than one phone number sometimes makes it quite easy to forget them. It becomes quite embarrassing when we need to remember our phone numbers to give out to people who ask for them or fill out forms in banks, hospitals, etc.

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Where such numbers are required of us, and it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Not to worry, there are several ways to get these numbers, and we’ll be exploring every single one of them in this article.

How To Check My Glo Number

There are several ways to check for your Glo number, and they are quite easy, though some are easier than others. The following are some of the ways you can use to check your phone number:

Dial 1244

This is by far the easiest, most convenient, and my favourite way of checking for my glo phone number. Dial the code 1244 on your mobile device, and your phone number comes up instantly.

It works like magic! And it is completely free!! This is why it is number one on this list to check my Glo number.


Another way to check for your MTN number is by dialling *135*8#, selecting “Tariff Plan,” pressing four, and sending. You’ll be shown different options, select number 4, which shows “My Number,” and send. Your phone number will simply display on your screen.

Using The Self-Care portal

The Glo self-care portal website can also be visited to view your phone no if you’ve data on your mobile device.

Note: The sim must be inside the device, and it’s that device you should use in accessing the Glo self-care portal.

Call Someone Else’s Phone Close By

This is pretty easy. Ask for the phone number of anyone around you and give the person a call. Your number displays on their screen, and you can easily get it there, but you must have call credit available on your phone to use this feature.

Call Glo Customer Care

Dial Glo customer care on 121 and request your number. It is the longest route, so it is number 5 on this list of how to check my Glo number.

How To Check For Other Networks


To see your MTN number, dial *663#, and your phone number immediately appears on your screen. You can dial *123#, select number 1 (my Account information), and select number 1 (my number).


To know your 9mobile number, simply dial *248#, and you’ll get a message from 9mobile intimating you of your phone details. Another way to achieve this is by dialling customer care and requesting your phone number.


To know your Airtel mobile number, simply dial *282#. You can also dial *121#, then select options three and 4.


This article was intended to educate and perhaps make it easier for people to get their phone numbers easily in case they forget. The information they say is power. With the steps listed above, assessing your phone number when needed becomes less difficult.

Trying to remember your phone number shouldn’t have to be an arduous task. Follow the guidelines listed above, and you’re fine.

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