Fountain University, Four Programmes From the College of Basic Medical and Health Science Receive Full Accreditation From NUC


Fountain University, Osogbo (FUO), is delighted to officially announce the attainment of full accreditation from the NUC for all four programs administered by its esteemed College of Basic Medical and Health Science.

The accredited programs encompass Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Public Health, and Environmental Health Science.

Accreditation After Rigorous Evaluation

This accreditation is the result of a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) accreditation panel, which visited the university earlier this month.

The panel meticulously assessed the program curricula, faculty qualifications, and infrastructure, granting official accreditation to all four programs.

A Milestone Achievement

The Vice-Chancellor of Fountain University, Prof. Olayinka Ramota Karim, conveyed her satisfaction upon receiving the news.

“We are elated by the acknowledgment from the NUC, recognizing our commitment to delivering high-quality education in the realm of Basic Medical and Health Science.

This achievement underscores the dedication and diligence exhibited by our faculty, students, and staff.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to enhancing academic excellence and aspire to sustain our position as a premier institution in the region,” she remarked.

Implications for Graduates and the Nation

Professor Karim underscored the importance of this accreditation, emphasizing that it will guarantee that graduates from the College of Basic Medical and Health Science are duly recognized and positioned competitively within their respective fields.

She said their contributions will significantly advance the nation’s medical and environmental sectors.

Acknowledgements and Future Goals

Professor Karim expressed her appreciation to the University’s Proprietor, NASFAT, the management team, faculty members, students, and the entire University community for their collaborative efforts throughout the accreditation process.

Fountain University remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating an environment conducive to research, innovation, and knowledge dissemination to address societal needs.

As a result, students can be assured of receiving a solid foundation for their future careers.


The NUC’s accreditation builds Fountain University’s reputation as an institution dedicated to producing passionate, skilled, and ethical professionals and contributing positively to Nigeria’s education system and society.

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