FUDMA Postgraduate Admission Form 2024/2025 Academic Session.

Applications are now being accepted for [aca year] academic session into the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) at Federal University Dustin-Ma (FUDMA).

This is your chance to enroll in a prominent university and develop your career if you are a qualified candidate for a postgraduate program.

official list of courses offered in dutsinma

With various programs, outstanding research opportunities, and knowledgeable instructors, SPGS can provide the education and training you need to succeed in your chosen field. Start your path to a better future by applying right away!

Qualified candidates seeking to pursue a postgraduate program are invited to apply to the Federal University Dustin-Ma (FUDMA) School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) for 2024/2025 academic sessions.

FUDMA Postgraduate Courses

1M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
2Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
3Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics
4M.Sc. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
5Ph.D. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
6Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
7M.Sc. Agronomy
8Ph.D. Agronomy
9Postgraduate Diploma Crop Production
10M.Sc. Animal Science
11Ph.D. Animal Science
12Postgraduate Diploma in Livestock Production and Management
13M.Sc. Crop Production & Protection (Crop Protection)
14M.Sc. Crop Protection
15Ph.D. Crop Protection
16Postgraduate Diploma in Crop Protection
17M.A English Language
18M.A Literature
19Ph.D. English Language
20Ph.D. Literature
21M.A. History (Economic History)
22M.A. History (International Studies)
23M.A. History (Political History)
24Ph.D. History (Economic History)
25Ph.D. History (International Studies)
26Ph.D. History (Political History)
27Masters in Democracy & Governance
28Masters in Leadership & Police Affairs
29Masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution
30Master in Risk Management
31Masters in Security Studies
32Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Society Organization
33Postgraduate Diploma in Democracy and Governance
34Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Police Affairs
35Postgraduate Diploma in Peace and Conflict Resolution
36Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management
37Postgraduate Diploma in Security Studies
38Master in Islamic Finance and Development
39Masters of Development Studies
40M.Sc. Computer Science
41Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
42M.Sc. Geography
43Masters in Environmental Management
44Masters in Geographic Information System
45Ph.D. Geography
46Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management
47Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information System
48M. Ed. Curriculum & Instruction
49M.Ed. Educational Measurement & Evaluation
50M.Ed. Educational Psychology
51M.Ed. English Education
52Ph.D English Education
53Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction
54Ph.D. Educational Measurement & Evaluation
55Ph.D. Educational Psychology
56Postgraduate Diploma in Education
57M.Ed. Adapted Physical Education
58M.Ed. Administration and Management of Physical Education and Sports
59M.Ed. Health Education
60M.Sc.(Ed.) Exercise and Sport Science
61Ph.D Administration and Management of Physical Education and Sports
62Ph.D Exercise and Sport Science
63Ph.D Health Education
64Ph.D Physical Education
65M.Ed. (Science Education)
66M.Ed. Mathematics Education
67Ph.D Mathematics Education
68Ph.D Science Education
69Ph.D Science Education (Biology Education)
70Ph.D Science Education (Chemistry Education)
71Ph.D Science Education (Physics Education)
72M.Phil Biochemistry
73M.Sc. Biochemistry
74Ph.D. Biochemistry
75Postgraduate Diploma in Biochemistry
76M.Sc. Biology (Ecology and Environmental Biology)
77M.Sc. Biology (Fisheries and Hydrobiology)
78M.Sc. Biology (Medical Entomology)
79M.Sc. Biology (Parasitology and Public Health)
80Ph.D Biology (Ecology and Environmental Biology)
81Ph.D Biology (Fisheries and Hydrobiology)
82Ph.D. Biology (Medical Entomology)
83Ph.D. Biology (Parasitology and Public Health)
84Postgraduate Diploma in Parasitology and Public Health
85M.Sc. Microbiology (Environmental Microbiology)
86M.Sc. Microbiology (Food/Industrial Microbiology)
87M.Sc. Microbiology (Medical Microbiology)
88M.Sc. Microbiology (Pharmaceutical Microbiology)
89Ph.D. Microbiology (Environmental Microbiology)
90Ph.D. Microbiology (Food/Industrial Microbiology)
91Ph.D. Microbiology (Medical Microbiology)
92Ph.D. Microbiology (Pharmaceutical Microbiology)
93Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology
94M.Sc. Plant Science (Plant Biotechnology)
95M.Sc. Plant Science (Plant Pathology)
96M.Sc. Plant Science (Plant Systematics and Taxonomy)
97Ph.D. Plant Science (Plant Systematics and Taxonomy)
98Ph.D. Plant Science (Plant Pathology)
99Postgraduate Diploma in Plant Science and Biotechnology
100M.Sc. Accounting
101Ph.D. Accounting
102Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Finance
103M.Sc. Business Administration
104Master of Business Administration
105Ph.D. Business Administration
106Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management
107M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
108M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
109M.Sc. Organic Chemistry
110M.Sc. Physical Chemistry
111Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
112Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry
113Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
114Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
115Postgraduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
116Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Chemistry
117Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic and Instrumental Methods in Chemistry
118M.Sc. Mathematics (Applied Mathematics)
119M.Sc. Mathematics (Pure Mathematics)
120Ph.D. Mathematics (Applied Mathematics)
121Ph.D. Mathematics (Pure Mathematics)
122Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics
123M.Sc. Physics (Applied Geophysics)
124M.Sc. Physics (Atmospheric/Communication Physics)
125M.Sc. Physics (Material/Solid State Physics)
126M.Sc. Physics (Nuclear Physics)
127M.Sc. Physics (Radiation-Biophysics)
128M.Sc. Physics (Theoretical/Computational Physics)
129M.Sc. Physics with Electronics
130Ph.D. Physics (Applied Geophysics)
131Ph.D. Physics (Nuclear Physics)
132Ph.D. Physics (Radiation-Biophysics)
133Ph.D. Physics (Theoretical/Computational Physics)
134Ph.D. Physics with Electronics
135Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Physics with Electronics
136Postgraduate Diploma in Physics
137M.Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture
138Ph.D. Fisheries & Aquaculture
139Postgraduate Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture
140M.Sc. Food Science & Technology
141Ph.D. Food Science & Technology
142Postgraduate Diploma in Food Science & Technology
143M.Sc. Forestry & Wildlife (Agroforestry/Soils)
144M.Sc. Forestry & Wildlife (Forest Biology/Silviculture)
145M.Sc. Forestry & Wildlife (Forest Resources Economics and Policy)
146M.Sc. Forestry & Wildlife (Forest Resources Management)
147M.Sc. Forestry & Wildlife (Wildlife Conservation and Management)
148Ph.D. Forestry & Wildlife (Agroforestry/Soils)
149Ph.D. Forestry & Wildlife (Forest Biology/Silviculture)
150Ph.D. Forestry & Wildlife (Forest Resources Economics and Policy)
151Ph.D. Forestry & Wildlife (Forest Resources Management)
152Ph.D. Forestry & Wildlife (Wildlife Conservation and Management)
153Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry
154Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Conservation and Management
155M.Sc. Economics
156Ph.D. Economics
157M.Sc. Political Science
158Ph.D. Political Science
159M.Sc. Sociology

How to Apply for FUDMA Postgraduate Form

  • Login to http://pgs.fudutsinma.edu.ng/apply and do the following:
    • Type your Surname/Lastname/Father’s Name/Family Name (Note: This is a compulsory field)
    • Type your First Name/Native Name Name (Note: This is a compulsory field)
    • Type your Other Names (if any)
    • Input Your current and active e-mail (Note: you will be required to verify this email, and all notifications and communications regarding your application process shall be by e-mail. Therefore, you are advised to use an active e-mail that is personal to which you can always have access. You will also not be allowed to utilize this email for another application)
    • Enter your current GSM Number (required format 080X XXX XXXX) (Note: any of the University officials may contact you via this number in the course of processing your application)
    • Next, Select the faculty you are applying to (for a list of faculties, Departments, and programs, visit http://spgs.fudutsinma.edu.ng)
    • Select the Programme you are applying for (Note: you are advised to select the Faculty first before selecting the Programme)
    • Click on Start Application
    • You will get a notification via the specified email that will specify your “Application Number” and “Email” you provided. (Note: you will be required to quote this Application Number throughout the application process)
    • login to your email account
    • Locate an email titled “Your Application Details” from “School of Postgraduate Studies”:
    • Open the email (Note, you may find the email in your spam messages folder)
    • You will find your “Application Number” and “Email” specified in the e-mail:
    • You will also find a link to activate your account.
    • Click on the link to activate your account (Note: you will be redirected to the applications portal from your email account.
    • Your account will be verified and activated. You will then be redirected to a page on the applications portal to generate your RRR.

You are to activate your account by doing the following:

  • Your Payment will be verified, and you will get a notification via e-mail when it is done (Note: you will not be allowed to complete the application form without this verification). You are therefore advised to check the following to ensure that your payment has been confirmed:
    • Login to your email account
    • You will find an email titled “Payment Confirmation” from “The School of Postgraduate Studies.”
    • This is confirmation that you can now log in to continue your application.
    • If you do not get the email immediately after payment, log in to the application portal using your “Application Number” and “Email” to check if your payment has been approved.
    • If Payment Status is still “PENDING” after payment has been made, click “Refresh Status” to confirm payment. (Note: If you are unable to continue your application due to non-confirmation of payment, you can contact us via any of the specified e-mails or phone numbers)
  • After “Account Verification” (step 2 above) and “Payment Verification” (step 3 above), you can log in to the applications portal using your “Application Number” and “Email” to continue your application.


Please share this page with someone, and ensure to keep tabs on us as we continue to update you with more school information.

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