How Do You Donate on Twitch to Support Streamer

How do You Donate on Twitch to support streamers? Twitch has become a popular internet streaming in the past decade. It hosts streamers, YouTubers, celebrities, and even movie festivals.

A core part of the Twitch experience is n donation. Donation on Twitch is a means of supporting your favourite streamer. It is just like placing cash in a performer’s hat. So, how do you support your favourite streamers on Twitch?

How do You Donate on Twitch


Donations are a manner to encourage your preferred twitch channels. As mentioned earlier, it is like placing cash in a performer’s hat.

However, we all know there’s no hat online, so how do you donate on Twitch to support your favorite streamer?

As we progress in this article we will be outlining all the ways and steps you can use to donate to twitch to support a streamer. Simply follow those simple steps to donate on twitch!

How to Donate on Twitch

Here are some simple steps to donate on TwitchTwitch

Donating on TwitchTwitch requires the usage of the donation button, although that is the most common way of creating a twitch donation. Follow these steps to donate to your preferred streamer.

1. Visit Your Streamers page

the first step is to visit the Twitch page. Then, navigate to find the page of your preferred streamer. Usually, it appears like this :

www.twitch.television/ChannelName, in which the Channel Name is the name of the Twitch Channel.

2. Locate the donation link 

After locating your preferred streamers page, locate the donation link and click it. It is usually found at the bottom of the page, so you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. Once you have found it click on the link.

3. Fill out the donation form

After you have clicked the donation link, it usually redirects you to fill out the donation form with information such as your username, amount, and customized message for the donation to the streamer if you want to send one.

4. Complete payment details 

Once you have filled out the information, click donate. After which, you need to confirm your payment details.

You could use Paypal or any credit card payment option suitable to you. The streamer would receive a notification confirming the donation.

How to Donate to Using Bits

You could also donate to your favorite streamer using Bits by following the steps:

  1. Log into your Twitch account 
  2. Locate the Streamer you want to donate to and go to their channel.
  3. You will find the Get Bits icon at the top right corner of their channel.   
  4. Click on it and purchase the number of Bits you want to buy.
  5. Once you have purchased your Bits, donate them to your favorite streamer by typing Cheer and the number of bits you want to donate. For example, if you want to donate 200 Bits, simply type Cheer200.


You could also buy and donate the usage of bits on cells. However, it’s far a tedious system, and bits even cost extra on cells. It’s miles quite endorsed to apply a laptop for donation functions.

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