How Much Does a Secretary Make in the US

How much does a Secretary make in the U.S.? Before we dive into that, let’s understand what a secretary does.

How much does a Secretary make in the US

A secretary is an administrative professional who is integral to the enterprise and other organizational environments.

Secretaries usually preserve and arrange workplace responsibilities, enforce tactics and carry out extra administrative responsibilities, depending on the character of their employment.

For example, the executive obligations a secretary is chargeable for can fluctuate among industries consisting of regulation, non-public agency sectors, and government entities.

A Secretary’s Responsibilities include

  • Working in a receptionist capacity to greet clients, clients, and site visitors
  • Answering and directing cellphone calls
  • Organizing files and office work and retaining a filing system
  • Helping supervisors and teams of workers with enterprise tasks and responsibilities

While those obligations are often required of secretarial work, a secretary’s essential obligations in their activity can include greater administrative duties, depending on where they work.

A secretary can occasionally perform more duties than simply answering telephones and taking messages.

Secretaries might also rely on numerous talents to help them reach their jobs. Regularly, secretaries can be chargeable for keeping office management and operations walking easily.

Having listed out the supposed responsibilities of a secretary, we can go on to answer the question: how much does a Secretary make in the U.S.?

What are the Top 10 Maximum Paying Cities for Secretary Jobs?

We’ve recognized ten cities where the daily income for a Secretary process is above the countrywide average.

Sunnyvale, CA, with Santa Rosa, CA, and Williston, ND, near the back of the inside, the 2d and 1/3 positions are topping the list.

Williston, ND, beats the countrywide common using $five 906 (18.1%), and Sunnyvale, CA, furthers that trend with another $7,868 (24.1%) above the $32,655 average.

Importantly, Sunnyvale, CA, has a moderately lively Secretary activity market, with just a few corporations hiring for this position.

With these ten towns having average salaries better than the countrywide average, the opportunities for economic development via changing locations as a Secretary seems to be exceptionally fruitful.

Every other component to consider is the average earnings for those top ten towns varies little or no at 9% between Sunnyvale, CA and big apple town, big apple, reinforcing the restrained capacity for tons salary development.

The possibility of a lower dwelling price can be an exceptional component to apply while considering area and salary for a Secretary function.

The salaries of Secretaries in the U.S. range from $24 to $125, with median earnings of $41. The middle 57% of Secretaries make between $41,000 and $68,804, with the pinnacle 86% making $125.

Making a mental note of the cities in the U.S. and how much they pay secretaries would help find a close enough answer to the question: How much does a Secretary make in the U.S.?

The Median, Maximum, Minimal, and the Range Earnings Variety

Secretary salaries in the united states of America vary from 22,900 USD in line with yr (minimum salary) to 67,400 according to 12 months (maximum revenue).

Median Profits

The median income is $42 in a year; half (50%) of people operating as Secretary(s) are incomes much less than $42,300 at the same time as the opposite 1/2 are earning more than $42,300.

The median represents the center earnings price. Typically speaking, you’ll need to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning extra than the median profits.


It is carefully associated with the median values: the twenty-fifth and the seventy-fifth percentiles.

Analyzing the profits distribution diagram, 25% of Secretary(s) are incomes less than $29,300, whilst 75% are incomes more than $29,300.

Also, from the diagram, 75% of Secretary(s) are earning less than $52,700 even as 25% are income more than $52,700.

Lastly, The revel in the stage is the most critical issue in determining the revenue—certainly, the more years of enjoying, the better your wage.

We broke down Secretary salaries by using experience degrees, which we discovered.

A Secretary with less than years of enjoying makes about 26,000 USD in step with yr.

While a person with an enjoy level between five years is anticipated to earn 34,900 USD in keeping with yr, 34% greater than a person with less than year enjoys.

Transferring forward and revel in level between 5 and ten years lands an income of 45 four hundred USD per yr, 30% extra than a person with two to five years of revel in.

How much does a Secretary make in the U.S.?

Best charge-related non-public secretary jobs inside the U.S.

We determined at least five jobs related to the non-public Secretary task class that pay greater in line with 12 months than typical private Secretary earnings.

Top examples of those roles encompass criminal Secretary coverage protection, criminal Secretarial, and leader Secretary.

Importantly, all those jobs are paid between $20,132 (40.6%) and $40,277 (eighty-one. 2%) more than the average private Secretary salary of $49,602.

Job title.                   ANNUAL              HOURLY

                                      profits                WAGES

felony Secretary                      

insurance Defence       $89,879               $ forty-three.21

prison Secretarial          $82,969              $39.89

leader Secretary.            $76,159              $36.sixty one

Divisional Secretary     $70,762              $34.02

company criminal

Secretary                       $ sixty-nine,734              $33.fifty three


If you’re qualified, getting employed for this sort of associated non-public Secretary job can also help you make more money than the average personal Secretary role.

I hope this careful analysis helped answer your question: how much does a Secretary make in the U.S.?

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