How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

Instagram has evolved from just a basic photo-sharing app to a tool that has become a staple in the lives of many individuals. 

The question ”how many reports to delete Instagram account” is very important as an Instagram account can be deleted if reported by different accounts.

In this article, you will find some of the reports that could lead to the deletion of an Instagram account. 

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account?

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

The truth is that your account can be deleted based on three or more reports that violated the rules and regulations governing the app. 

A series of messages on the Instagram account does not determine the removal or closure of the user’s Instagram account.

If you want to get rid of someone on Instagram, harassing the company will produce little result.

It is wiser for users to report bullying and harassment as appropriate and ignore those who are “harassing.” The next step can be taken by reporting it to the authorities if necessary.

The impact of this publicity on the app is that there is a very good chance you will encounter or interact with another user who does not respect Instagram rules that users are supposed to use at one point or the other. 

Sometimes the effect of such behavior on you would be so minimal that it might even be overlooked.

Other times such a user’s behavior might be so triggering that you would only wish their account to be deleted.

That way, they would kill the app for good, and you would have peace again. The only crux of this whole unpleasant situation is that deleting an account is never as simple as you might think.

But, of course, if you find such an individual’s activity so triggering, there is always an option that allows you to block such a person immediately.

Once you block that person, you will be protected entirely from coming across such unwanted content.

However, some would not be comfortable with such content still roaming around the app and would like to ensure that the real source of the negative content is hunted down and stopped altogether.

If you fall into this category, you would have to realize that reporting the account would be the closest to achieving your goal, but you would still need to keep an open mind when taking this action.

This is mainly because the fact that you have reported an account does not automatically mean that the account will be deleted.

12 Reasons That Can Warrant Your Account Being Deleted

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

1. Threats

It would be best if you stayed away from threatening other Instagram users on the platform, whether through comments or even private chat.

This type of behavior is against application policy. If a user reports an account for threatening him or even another user, with sufficient evidence, the offending account may be deleted.

2. Abuse

You must avoid verbal abuse if you don’t want to get in trouble with Instagram. The app strongly opposes harassment, insults, or intimidation in the comments or private chats.

All behavior of this nature is strongly condemned. If you are reported as such, your account may be deleted. 

3. Spam

Instagram does not take kindly to spam content. This is one of the main reasons users get into trouble with Instagram, as they sometimes post spam content unknowingly.

For example, repeated comments in which products or services are offered, links are requested, or links are embedded.

All these types of Content are considered spam. There are strict penalties for spam content, which can sometimes lead to the deletion of the offending account.

4. Copyright

Many images, videos, and even audio content all over the internet are usually copyrighted.

Sometimes they may not get into trouble even if the Content is copyrighted and you can use it.

But the dangerous thing is that the moment your account is reported, your account will be deleted.

So it is very good advice to ensure that everything you publish in the app is copyright free to avoid any unforeseen issues.

5. Posting Another Person’s Sensitive Content

When you use Instagram, you must not post another user’s private information on your page.

The type of information can be phone numbers, card numbers, postal addresses, identity documents, and others.

These are things intended to remain personal, and if you disclose this and the owner of such details reports your account, there is a high chance that your account will be deleted.

6. Animal cruelty

Instagram does not accept Content that depicts graphic animal suffering.

It’s an animal-friendly platform that encourages the humane treatment of all animals, so if your post breaks this rule and Instagram notices it or reports you for your Content, your account will be deleted immediately.

7. Usernames

You are not permitted to use the Instagram name in the Instagram app to include it in your URL or even your username unless you have obtained written permission from Instagram.

You will run into a lot of trouble if you break this rule and use their brand without express permission. Your account may very well be deleted.

8. Violent Content

Instagram does not allow its users to post anything related to violence on the app. Whenever a post contains or depicts too gory scenes, sometimes Instagram can remove the post.

But if the user has a record of posting such things, they can delete the entire page.

An account that posts recorded videos with scenes like rape, murder, or abuse will be deleted once you notice and report it.

9. 18+ Content

Any Content that is in any way related to pornography is not allowed on Instagram. It does not matter whether it is in images or videos.

If an account posts content that displays pornography and is reported or noticed, such an account will be deleted immediately.

The goal is to create a space that even older children can use to socialize, and adult content is strongly discouraged.

There is laxity regarding a certain level of visual body exposure, but there is still a limit.

10. Racism

If a user posts videos or images that support racism and those videos or images are reported, the posts will be taken down, and the account will be permanently deleted.

Instagram does not support racism or any act towards it, and they are very strict about responding to these actions.

11. Discrimination

Instagram stands boldly against discrimination of any kind. It does not support or allow the publication of Content that promotes topics such as homophobia, colorism, and other topics that show discrimination.

The type or form of media these posts come from does not matter. These can be photos, videos, or even comments on other people’s posts.

The account will be taken down when something like this is noticed and reported.

The platform aims to create a safe space for everyone, so Instagram would easily remove posts and even delete an account actively discriminating against any group of people.

12. Identity Fraud

Instagram doesn’t take it kindly with people who claim to be someone they’re not. It doesn’t even matter if the fake identity is a celebrity or even a regular Joe or a lawsuit.

The whole point of the platform is for people to interact with real users. So once an account is caught moving this identity theft balance, the immediate response would be to delete the account once and for all.

What makes this particular crime so important to Instagram is that the people who commit this type of crime are usually fraudsters.

The whole purpose of creating a fake account or stealing people’s identities is always to trick people and get away with their cash or property.

How to Get Instagram to Close An Account

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

Make Sure You Don’t Change the Texts

If you want to make sure that your complaint is considered valid and taken seriously, you need to make sure that you don’t change any conversations you want to present as proof that you ran the wrong account.

If you try to show you’re smart and keep manipulating conversations to use as evidence, Instagram will eventually discover and discredit you.

Be Concise

It would help if you were prepared to be asked a few questions to explain the reasons for your complaint.

At this point, you would need to calm down and explain everything being asked of you as clearly and precisely as possible.

This is very important. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, but whatever language you choose to express yourself in, you need to make sure that you have a good command of the language and that you are grammatically correct.

Understand the Offense You’re Reporting

If an account owner offends you or steps on your toes, you may be tempted to report their account.

But in a real sense, this effort would be futile if the account in question has not committed any offense that violates Instagram’s policies.

So whenever you want to report an account, you must ensure that the account has violated at least one of the rules mentioned earlier in the article.

Don’t Doubt the Effectiveness of Screenshots

It’s one thing to report an account; your only proof is your word. The next thing is to report the account, and you have solid and legitimate evidence in the form of screenshots.

There are times when you would want to report an account, and Instagram would need you to provide some evidence, and other times it wouldn’t be necessary.

This request is usually made based on the type of violation you report. In any case, it’s always good to have evidence ready to go.

How Can You Properly Report an Account on Instagram?

How Many Reports to Delete Instagram Account

Now that you know what a user needs to do wrong to break Instagram’s rules, you also know what you need to do to get the account closed.

The last thing you need to know is how to report an Instagram account properly.

The first thing you should know is your reason. You need to decide why you want to report said account and be comfortable and confident in your choice.

Once you have decided, you can proceed to report the account.

You will see three different options on the screen:

Block This User

This option protects you from the errant account. Obviously, with this method, absolutely nothing would happen to the account in question.

The account holder can continue using their account as if nothing had happened. They will be able to post and interact with other users as usual.

The only difference is that the account in question would no longer have access to you, and you wouldn’t be able to see their posts either.


The whole point of this feature is to give a user who feels uncomfortable their privacy without having to get into a confrontation.

When you block an account on Instagram, there is a good chance that the owner of the account you blocked will find out, and it could lead to many unexpected arguments.

But the moment you limit an account, you and your followers won’t see comments or interactions with that account, and they’ll still be able to respond to your posts as usual.

So this would create the illusion that they still have access to your account as usual.

Report User

This is the option to choose if your goal is to follow a reported route.

All the other things you would need to know to report your account successfully have already been covered in the article, and you have to ensure you follow everything step by step.


There you have it. All you need to know about how many reports to delete Instagram accounts. With this knowledge, you can use and enjoy Instagram in your comfort. 

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