How Much Does a Male Stripper Make on Average?

Considering a change of career or just curious? The question how much does a male stripper make? This is one of the first things people ask experienced male strippers.

How Much Does a Male Stripper Make on Average?

While male strippers do not take home as much as female strippers as a result of demand and supply economics, how much a male stripper makes varies a lot as on a given weekend or gig, they could make anywhere from $0 to $1000 a night depending on bookings and a lot of other factors.

Factors Affecting How Much Strippers Make


An experienced male stripper would ideally make more than an inexperienced male stripper as, just like any job that involves personal spaces, knowing how to navigate different situations could hugely influence earnings.

An experienced male stripper would know how to work and read a client better than a newbie just starting.


A male stripper in a city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, cities with booming nightlife and entertainment culture, would make more than a stripper in a small town.


Yes! Personality matters.

It is not enough to have stunning looks as a male stripper. Stripping is a job that requires you to be in personal spaces sometimes, and having an unattractive personality may put off clients, which means fewer tips.

Personal Appeal 

Make no mistakes about it. Stripping is a popularity contest. Women tend to choose the hottest guy for their parties and tip him more. Working out and being fit should be the bare minimum to be a successful male stripper.

Type of Events

Stripping at a bachelorette party in an affluent neighbourhood means better tips. The same could be said for working in expensive clubs and bars.

Work ratio 

No two strippers work the same hours. Some dancers see stripping as a side gig and work full-time jobs, and are very careful of their schedules. For some, stripping could be a full-time job that requires maximum commitment.


The industry is highly competitive, and you’ll need luck to get the best gigs and clients.


This article is what you need if you are considering changing your career to becoming a stripper.

Once you know the factors affecting how much you make as a stripper, you can start working on them to increase the chances of how much you can make.

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