How to Delete Hinge Account

How to Delete Hinge Account

Wondering how to delete Hinge account, and you find it a tad complicated?

Location-based dating app Hinge is becoming more and more well-known. It describes itself as an app designed to be deleted.

According to Hinge, about three out of four Hinge users successfully secure a second date with their partners. It focuses on long-term relationships, not just flings.

Despite only being around since 2012, it can already compete with dating apps like Tinder in terms of usage.

Therefore, Hinge is worth a try if you’re looking for an online dating service that doesn’t enable hookup culture.

But, if you’ve decided Hinge is not the right dating app for you, then make no worries, as in this article, we will look at all you need to know about Hinge, including how to delete Hinge account.

How Does Hinge Work?

How to Delete Hinge Account

Despite its marketing, Hinge isn’t all that different from its competitors, Tinder and Bumble.

It’s a smartphone app that displays pictures of other people and allows you to like or reject them.

If two users like each other, they are linked up and can begin chatting.

Hinge’s main distinguishing features are “Prompts,” which are short questions that add flair and humour to your profile, and “Standouts,” which are a list of your most compatible matches.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hinge and how to get started.

Features of Hinge

How to Delete Hinge Account

Although there are upgrades you can purchase, Hinge is completely free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Play Store.

Your name, email address, date of birth, and location must all be provided when signing up for Hinge.

Additionally, you will have the choice to provide additional information about yourself, such as your height, religion, political views, and more.

The “Prompts,” however, distinguish Hinge and are one of the few you must complete to use the app.

What Are Hinge Prompts?

The Prompts, private questions about your life and interests, are the most crucial step in the sign-up process.

To create an account, you must respond to three prompts; your responses are displayed on your profile.

A few dozen Prompts are available; you can always change the ones on your profile.

They can be conversation starters like “The one thing I’d like to know about you is…” or opportunities to talk more about yourself like “A fact about me that surprises people.”

Every user’s profile contains prompts, which play a big role in the Hinge experience.

Given the many options available, it’s unusual to see two people using the same prompts, much less the same responses.

After creating your profile, you can look through potential matches.

Liking and Rejecting on Hinge

Hinge displays one user at a time, just like other dating apps. You can scroll through their images and prompts and then tap the heart or ‘X’ icon to indicate whether you like or reject them.

You don’t have to like someone’s entire profile, though, unlike other apps.

You can choose only to like the part of their post that interests you, such as a particular image or prompt.

It’s a fantastic way to show someone that you’re interested in their profile and aren’t just clicking “Like” on every profile that crosses your path.

You will also have the option to comment when you like something. In other apps, you would need to wait for a match before starting a conversation; here, you can do so with just a like.

Your personal likes page will display each as you receive.

Additionally, you can upgrade your like to a Rose. Sending a Rose puts you at the top of the recipient’s feed and communicates your sincere interest.

Every Sunday, you are given one free Rose and can purchase additional roses in quantities of three, twelve, and fifty.

Hinge records each profile you like and uses the information to suggest new profiles to you in the future.

They also use it to compile a unique list of individuals they call “Standouts.”


Another distinctive aspect of Hinge is standouts. Based on their responses to the Prompts, Hinge compiles a list of users who fit their profile the best daily.

You can access the complete profile of any of these users by tapping on any of the Prompts.

It separates the good matches from the bad ones and gives you quick access to them.

How to Delete Hinge Account

How to Delete Hinge Account

It’s crucial to understand the difference between deleting your Hinge account and the app; if you do the latter without the former, your profile may still appear on singles’ swiping sprees even if you’re happily married.

Unless you manually delete your account, Hinge does not remove your profile information.

Deciding to break up with the app officially also deletes all of your prior matches, making it a turning point for dating in the digital age.

Of course, you can always pause your Hinge profile if you’re still looking but want to take a break from the site.

In this manner, you can maintain your matches while avoiding appearing in other people’s feeds. (And won’t abandon your numerous swiped-right suitors without a response.)

Here is everything you need to know about deleting or pausing your Hinge account, whether you’re ready to break up with the service or simply need a break.

Go to your profile tab by selecting the person icon in the bottom right corner to delete your Hinge account.

At the very bottom, where it says “Delete Account,” scroll down to the gear icon that says Settings.

You will be asked to confirm your decision if you choose to pause your account rather than delete it completely. Again, tap “Delete account.”

A final pop-up will appear, warning you that deleting your account will result in losing all of your matches and conversations. Tap “Confirm delete” when you’re ready to make the move.

Voila! You are no longer available on the hinge dating market!

How to Pause Hinge Account

If you don’t want to lose your Hinge profile or matches, you can pause it, which effectively hides it from other users.

To do so, navigate to your profile tab by clicking the person icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

Scroll down to Settings and turn on the toggle next to “Pause.”

As the app pauses your profile, you will be notified that you may still receive a few likes.

Tap “OK got it,” and take advantage of your single sabbatical.

Alternatives to Hinge

Perhaps you are not done with online dating platforms and would like to try your hands out on other services. Here are a few you can try.


eHarmony, like Hinge, caters to people looking for a committed relationship.

They seek something important and sincere. It also functions as a matchmaking service, claiming to have arranged 600,000 weddings.

It has also been around for 20 years and claims to produce up to 15,000,000 matches daily.

You must complete a drawn-out personality test when you first sign up. Your responses are then fed into an algorithm that uses the information to present you with compatible matches.

It typically takes members around ten minutes to complete this. You must upgrade your account to send messages once your profile is live.

This contrasts with Hinge, where sending and receiving messages are both free.

Match is a premium dating site with a guarantee that if you don’t find the right partner within the first six months, the following six months are on the house.

You don’t need to take any personality tests to sign up for Match, and the process is quick and simple.

Additionally, the website offers a Profile Builder tool that simplifies writing a bio.

You can modify the extensive search filters after setting up your profile to make finding what you’re looking for easier.

You can “like” other profiles, but until you upgrade your account, you cannot send or receive messages.


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