How to Delete Your Bitmoji

How to Delete Your Bitmoji

Knowing how to delete your Bitmoji suggests that you are one exciting Snapchat user who is currently tired of having an avatar rather than a face for a profile picture.

We know how it can be, the pressure of growing up, and the need to be more mature and original on social media.

We have put together this article to teach you how to delete your Bitmoji specifically.

Before we begin this brief journey to learning how to delete your Bitmoji, you should know that deleting your Bitmoji isn’t dull and doesn’t take the fun out of your social life.

So, don’t let anyone create a fuss around your decision.

However, if you ever need to create new Bitmojis, you are free to do so.

Now, let’s get into the cool stuff- How to delete your Bitmoji.

How to Delete Your Bitmoji

How to Delete Your Bitmoji
How to Delete Your Bitmoji

Snapchat bought Bitmoji in 2016, and since then, the app has been integrated into almost every place on the Snapchat app.

It is not possible to have your picture inside the ghost icon as your profile picture. Hence Snapchat forces you to have a Bitmoji, or you can have it blank.

Users who have not created a Bitmoji avatar can have their usual profile picture. But once an avatar is created, your picture is gone forever.

There are two ways to get rid of Bitmoji on Snapchat: One from Snapchat and the other from the Bitmoji app. Let’s take a look at the two methods, respectively.

How to Delete Your Bitmoji On Snapchat

Here is how to delete your Bitmoji on Snapchat using the Snapchat app:

  • Launch the Snapchat app.
  • Tap the Bitmoji in the upper left corner of the camera screen.
  • Next, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Or select Edit Bitmoji in the top left corner and skip the next step.
  • Under My Account, select Bitmoji.
  • On the next screen, tap Unlink My Bitmoji at the bottom.
  • Select Unlink in the confirmation dialogue.

This will disconnect your Bitmoji on Snapchat.

If you created your Bitmoji using a Snapchat login, it would be removed from Snapchat and the Bitmoji app.

This will make your Snapchat profile picture and Snapcode no longer has Bitmoji. You will also be unable to add Bitmoji stickers from the in-app option.

However, you can always add them using the Bitmoji keyboard if your Bitmoji is not deleted from the Bitmoji app.

How to Delete Your Bitmoji On the Bitmoji App

If you want to get rid of Bitmoji entirely and automatically delete the Bitmoji from Snapchat:

  • Open the Bitmoji app.
  • Tap the Settings icon in the upper left corner.
  • Tap My Data.
  • Select Reset avatar.
  • Click OK to confirm.

This will delete your Bitmoji avatar in the app and disconnect Bitmoji from your Snapchat account.

How to Remove Bitmoji From Snapchat: The Easy Way

The easiest way to remove Bitmoji is to delete the app completely. If you download the app again after deleting it, a new installation of Snapchat will start.

You might be worried that this will delete all the new images, texts, and stories you’ve posted, but don’t worry! They’ll all still be on your friends’ phones and in their Snapchat Memories section.

On Android devices, clearing the data for this app will not delete your Bitmoji – if you want to remove your avatar permanently, follow the more complicated steps below.

How to Remove Bitmoji From Snapchat: The Hard Way (Android)

Unfortunately, if you have an Android phone, there is no way to delete Bitmoji permanently.

Android keeps app data stored in hidden folders on each device, which means you’ll have to find where the files are hiding and do it manually.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on permanently removing Bitmoji using Linux, but if it sounds too complicated, don’t worry! Follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info, then tap Snapchat.

Next, tap the Storage tab at the top of the screen, then tap Clear Data.

Do not check the Clear Cache and Clear Data options – tapping Clear Cache will delete all images, messages, etc., but NOT your avatar.

Now you can download Snapchat again for free and start over!

How to Remove Bitmoji From Snapchat: The Hard Way (iPhone)

iPhones are a little easier – press and hold the “x” button in the corner of your avatar until it prompts you to confirm.

But unfortunately, you won’t delete any stories.

How to Remove My Bitmoji from Snapchat using another account

Bitmojis are user-specific, so you can’t easily log into someone else’s account and delete them.

But there is one catch: Logging out of Snapchat will completely delete all local accounts on your device for obvious reasons.

Go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > ​​Storage. Clear cache and force stop and uninstall Snapchat if necessary.

Now download the app and open it – you will be prompted to log in.

Do that, then go back to Settings, this time find “Manage Bitmoji,” and check the appropriate box – this will prevent anyone from asking you again.

Can Anyone See If You’ve Deleted Your Snapchat Bitmoji Account?

How to Delete Your Bitmoji
How to Delete Your Bitmoji

Yes. If you delete your account, you can no longer sign in with Snapchat.

But if someone looked at your profile in the app before you deleted it, they could also see that it’s no longer associated with your phone number or email address.

Here are a few things you should know about Bitmoji as you learn how to delete your Bitmoji.

What is Bitmoji?

Bitmoji is an add-on app for social media platforms that people use to create little cartoon versions of themselves, which they then use on their various social media accounts.

It’s a straightforward service.

You create an avatar and create different comics, GIFs, expressions, and reactions that use that avatar. Then you can use your Bitmoji to express yourself when you chat or email someone. And it is done.

Over time, Bitmoji became popular with people who became tired of the generalized emojis available in their apps and wanted something more exciting and personal.

The company provides various updates and themes, such as unique options for sports events and holidays, which you can switch between at times as you wish.

Additionally, part of the app’s charm is the simple focus – this is the only Bitmoji service, and there are very few add-ons, which is perfect for beginners and users who want some customization with little hassle.

How Did Bitmoji Start?

Although currently owned by Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat, Bitmoji, was initially developed by Toronto, Canada-based Bitstrips.

Founded in 2007, Bitstrips focused on creating digital comics that featured personalized avatars, a concept very similar to Bitmoji.

As emoticons became more popular and found their place online in various chat applications, Bitstrips realized the potential.

In 2014, the company created a separate app called Bitmoji that specializes in these emoticons.

Great apps were quick to notice the potential of Bitmoji.

In 2016, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., bought Bitstrips, spun it off, and began operating Bitmoji as a single division.

Where Is Bitmoji Used?

Even though the company may own Snapchat, you can still use Bitmoji on different platforms.

They’re available on Facebook, Gboard, iMessage, and even work-focused apps like Slack.

Bitmoji is also compatible with Chrome and works with Gmail as well.

Note that you don’t need Snapchat to use Bitmoji. It’s a standalone app that you can download for iOS or Android.

However, if you use Bitmoji with Snapchat, you get access to Friendmoji, a personalized little Bitmoji between you and a close friend, which no other service currently offers.

Are There Any Costs or Risks Associated With Bitmoji?

Bitmoji charges a small amount (usually around $1) for individual clothing packs, especially those that celebrate specific people, teams, holidays, or special events. But other than that, Bitmoji is free to use at the moment.

After installing the Bitmoji keyboard, the app will immediately warn you about possible risks.

A warning will appear on the screen – you’ll need to acknowledge it before continuing the process, so you can’t plead ignorance.

Warning messages include one that ensures you’re well aware that Bitmoji needs a live server connection to upload your personalized stickers.

They also need to monitor what you are doing in your social media apps from a broad perspective.

The app also requires full access to your device, which may concern some users.

This means that Bitmoji will be able to read anything you physically type. The keyboard must be connected to your app to work correctly.

This live connection to your data could compromise your personal information, allowing hackers to steal your information.

Currently, there have been no mass hacks related to Bitmoji. So these warnings shouldn’t keep you up at night.

According to its privacy policy, Bitmoji may collect additional information from Snap-related applications.

If you use Snapchat or its sister apps, Bitmoji may track and store your behavioural data.

Apps like Snapchat could later decide to sell that information to third parties.

Of course, many apps have been doing this for years, so it’s definitely up to you if you’re comfortable trading some of your privacy for Bitmoji.


We hope you can remove the Bitmoji avatar from Snapchat with our steps. Did you encounter any problems?

Do you have more questions? Could you share them in the comments below?

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