How To Upload Awaiting Result

This material is intended for the general public and candidates who wish to know how to upload their pending results to any university portal online.

Upload Awaiting Result

Those who have been having difficulties submitting their O’Level results can now do so successfully. The following is a step-by-step instruction for uploading as well as vital information.

Steps to Update

  • Log into your school portal.
  • Upon login, check the links at the Left section and click on “UPDATE AWAITING RESULTS”
  • Select the Number of Sitting (s), then re-upload your new results
  • Once done, ensure you see the popup notification that your data has been saved successfully.
  • Following the aforementioned, you will be instructed to choose your Top Five Relevant O’levels. This is an important step. Your top five will be chosen automatically. You must ensure that the correct grade is presented and picked (for those who took two sittings). At this point, keep in mind that it must show five subjects, not four or three.

Important Info You Should Note

  • This is one of the most delicate sections. Your O’levels are part of your screening procedure, so make sure there are No Mistakes. Ensure to check again.
  • Even if you scored 300 in the UTME and 92% in the post-UTME, Any Wrong Entry results in instant disqualification.
  • You are not permitted to post anything less than a Credit pass in your O’level. This means that anything from D7 to F9 cannot be posted.
  • There is always a time limit for uploading your results to the site. As a result, make sure you upload before the deadline.
  • You must also upload it to your Jamb Portal (Caps). Finally, if you do not have a required grade, it is recommended that you combine. If you are short on time, you can combine results.


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