İstanbul Photo Awards 2024

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The 10th Istanbul Photo Awards 2024 marks a significant milestone in the realm of international news photography.

Organised by Anadolu Ajansı, a renowned global news agency with over a century of experience, this prestigious contest stands as a testament to the agency’s enduring commitment to enriching the world of news photography.

With its roots deeply entrenched in a region known for its rich tapestry of diverse cultures, the Istanbul Photo Awards offer an unparalleled platform for professional photographers worldwide to showcase their courage and skill.

Contest Overview

The Istanbul Photo Awards have evolved into one of the most esteemed news photography contests globally.

The awards are dedicated to recognising and celebrating the exceptional efforts of brave and skilled photographers from various corners of the earth. This contest is more than a competition; it’s a celebration of the art of capturing moments that narrate the stories of our time.


Photographers can participate in various categories, each designed to highlight different aspects of photography:

  • Single News: For standalone news-related images. A maximum of one image per application, with up to four different applications allowed.
  • Story News: Focused on news-related image series, requiring ten images per application. Up to two different stories can be submitted.
  • Single Sports: For individual sports-related photographs. Similar to the Single News category, one image per application is allowed, with four different applications.
  • Story Sports: This category demands ten sports-related images per application, with a limit of two different stories.
  • Single Nature & Environment: Showcasing nature and environment in a single image. Photographers may submit up to four different images.
  • Story Nature & Environment: A series of ten images focusing on nature and environment-related subjects. Two different stories are permissible.
  • Single Portrait: Capturing the essence of portraiture in a single image. Up to four different images can be submitted.
  • Story Portrait: A series of ten images in the portrait category, with up to two different stories allowed.
  • Single Daily Life: For images depicting everyday life, one image per application, up to four applications.
  • Story Daily Life: Focused on daily life in a series format, requiring ten images per application, with a limit of two different stories.


The contest offers attractive prizes to encourage and honor the best in the field:

  • First Prize: $3,000 USD
  • Second Prize: $1,500 USD
  • Third Prize: $1,000 USD
  • Photo of the Year: The first prize winner in the Single News category will be honored as “Photo of the Year”, receiving a total of $6,000 USD.
  • Special Tenth Anniversary Prize: Two photographers from all series categories will be awarded $1,000 USD each.

Eligibility and Application Details

Who Can Apply?

The contest is open to professional photographers, both freelancers and those affiliated with companies or agencies.

Special consideration is given to young photographers under the age of 28, who are eligible for a special award in the tenth year.

Submission Requirements

  • High-resolution photographs in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format are required.
  • Both published and unpublished photos are acceptable.
  • A focus on stories of discrimination across various themes is encouraged.

How to Apply?

Interested photographers can apply by visiting the official competition page.


The Istanbul Photo Awards provide a unique opportunity for photographers to gain international exposure and recognition.

With a deadline of January 17, 2024, potential applicants are encouraged to prepare their submissions and seize this chance to be part of a globally celebrated photography event.

For more information, visit 10th Istanbul Photo Awards.

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