Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship

For qualified students from abroad, Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship 2024 applications are presently being accepted.

Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship

Jiangsu University offers scholarships to international students who enrol in degree programmes with an English teaching language. By doing this, Jiangsu University is advancing the education of its overseas students.

Value of Jiangsu University President Scholarship (Partial Scholarship)

  • PhDs: Free tuition and housing.
  • Masters: annual tuition of 20,000 CNY.
  • Bachelors: 10,000 CNY in first-year tuition for graduates

Eligibility for Jiangsu University President Scholarship

Only applicable to self-funded overseas students who take English-taught degree programs only.

  • One time per year, following an evaluation of the student’s performance, the JSU Presidential Scholarship for graduate students will be given out.
  • Bachelor students who received the JSU Presidential Scholarship during their first year of enrollment may change their major or leave the institution, but only after paying the scholarship money back to the school before receiving their transcripts and other official records.
  • Graduate students on Presidential Scholarships who wish to withdraw from JSU must repay the scholarship money to the institution before receiving transcripts and other official records.
  • The minimum age requirements are 25 years old for bachelor’s degrees, 35 years old for master’s degrees, and 40 years old for PhDs.
  • Not appropriate for recipients of other scholarships

How to Apply for Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship

Application Form for Jiangsu University President Scholarship

Application Deadline: August 2024


Note that the Jiangsu University (JSU) President Scholarship is a prestigious prize that offers financial assistance to international students pursuing higher education in China.

Among other things, the scholarship pays for housing, a living allowance, and tuition. JSU is dedicated to developing a diverse academic community and advancing international cooperation, which is why it provides this opportunity.

The fellowship offers students a fantastic platform for cultural exploration, skill development, and academic pursuit.

JSU will continue to draw exceptional students worldwide with its continuous support and significantly contribute to global research and teaching.

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