Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja Academic Calendar For SIWES Students 2024/2025 Session

Academic planning is of utmost importance for students at Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja. By staying informed about key dates and events, students can better prepare for the challenges of the academic year.


This article delves into the official 2024/2025 academic calendar specifically tailored for students with SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme).

January 2024: A Fresh Start

29th January: The commencement of lectures for all SIWES students. It begins a new academic journey, with students diving deep into their respective courses.

January to February 2024: Registration Period

From 29th January to 23rd February: SIWES students have a four-week window to complete their registration. This period is crucial to settle all necessary documentation and fees appropriately.

Late Registrations

From 26th February to 8th March: Two weeks are provided for late registrations. However, students must register within the primary window to avoid any last-minute hassles.

The First Semester Grind

January to April: SIWES students will undergo a rigorous 12-week academic schedule, starting on 29th January and ending on 19th April.

For first semester lectures: SIWES students have a 10-week session from 29th January to 5th April.

First semester examinations: These are scheduled from 8th April to 19th April, spanning two weeks. Adequate preparation is advised to excel in these assessments.

April 2024: Transitioning to the Second Semester

22nd April: The second semester kicks off for SIWES students, marking another phase in the academic journey.

April to August 2024: The Second Semester in Full Swing

From 22nd April to 2nd August: SIWES students will be engaged in a 15-week intensive academic session.

April to July 2024: Lecture Duration

From 22nd April to 5th July: 11 weeks are designated for the commencement and duration of lectures.

Examination Season

From 8th July to 26th August: This four-week period will witness the second-semester examinations for all students, culminating in the part-time exams on 31st August.

August to September 2024: Wrapping Up the Academic Year

From 5th August to 6th September: The marking of scripts and score upload will occur. This five-week period is crucial as it determines the student’s academic standing.


SIWES students of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, are advised to mark these dates and adequately prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Realmina wishes every student success and remains committed to providing a conducive learning environment.

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