Laws of Life Essay Examples | How to Write a Winning Essay

Studying Laws of Life essay examples before entering the essay contest can guarantee to a large extent, whether you win or lose.

Laws of life essay examples are compiled yearly to help newbies understand what is required in the contest.

You already know that the laws of the life essay competition are highly competitive; you must have an edge if you win.

This article offers you that edge by providing excellent laws of life essay examples to help you study.

The Laws of life essay examples listed in this article can serve as a guide, a writing template, or just a literary piece for your entertainment.

Now let’s get to the juicy part.

About Laws Of Life Essay Contest

The Laws of life essay contest is a contest that seeks to hear the law of life that governs different people and how these people apply them to make the world better.

The life of Sir J. Templeton inspired the Laws of life essay contest. Templeton died in 2008, but until his death, he was a British investor who traded in stocks and had a strong moral ethic.

The Templeton essay contest asks students and anyone interested in the competition to develop original content about their laws of life.

The essays are expected to be positive in outlook and self-transforming. In addition, they should contain true-life experiences of the writer based on their defined law of life.

By participating in the laws of life essay contests, students worldwide have been able to connect with their true essence and discover meaning in simple everyday acts.

You will also discover your essence and get immersed in spreading positivity around the world at the end of your essay.

The Laws of Life essay contest concludes each year with a Dinner for the writers who sent in entries, their teachers, and family.  

Before we get to the laws of life essay examples, let us examine some guidelines for writing the perfect essay.

Guidelines For Writing A Perfect Essay

Perfect essays are not a myth.

You can create the perfect essay for every submission, and it begins with knowing the right things to do.

The following are guidelines for writing the perfect laws of life essay:

Choose a Great Topic

Every great essay begins with a killer topic.

You are more likely to captivate your readers with an attractive topic than a topic that doesn’t trigger their curiosity.

Therefore, while you choose a topic, choose something that isn’t just easy. Choose a topic that your readers and judges that resonates with your readers and judges.

Your Topic shouldn’t have too many words and should not sound unintelligent. Remember, your readers and judges belong to the knowledgeable class.

Reflect, Observe and Imagine

The Templeton Laws of life essay contest aim to question your beliefs and ask you to express your personal view and experience about life.

Your essay should be born out of long hours of reflection and thought. But, first, you must ask yourself if the thought you intend to put to paper is your original thought and if they reflect your views about life.

Templeton, while He lived, said that the Laws of Life essay focuses on revealing a person’s best qualities, skills, and talents.

He further advises every submitted essay should show how the listed attributes will determine the writer’s life’s purpose.

Based on Sir Templeton’s strategy for crafting the perfect laws of life essay, you must reflect, observe, and imagine.

You have to carefully reflect on your most valuable qualities, those qualities you hold high about yourself and those that people admire in you.

Observe how you interact with the people in your community and list the communication patterns you find most comfortable.

Imagine what our world would look like if we had the best possible circumstances. Imagine a world where everyone did the right thing correctly.

As you reflect, observe, and imagine, be sure to have a notepad close to you.

A notepad helps you scribble down everything you have carefully thought about and make the essay writing procedure easy.

Explain Your Best Qualities

Make a List where you describe and explain your character traits. Remember to include only your best character traits in this list.

Sir Templeton sees character traits as “gifts” put in people to benefit those around them.

He explained that a person who has the character trait of humor could uplift, entertain and liven up every other person around him. Likewise, a man who thinks clearly can develop ideas and set the course for beneficial revolutions.

The traits to discuss in this part of your essay include patience, courage, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Also, the ability to listen carefully, leadership ability, observe and remember, and the ability to stay calm in a crisis.

It’s okay if you do not have all of these abilities, you could go ahead to list your unique skill set. The ones that make you outstanding

Explain how these character traits have influenced the course of your life and how people recognize and respond to your qualities.

Design an Imaginative New World Vision

This is the last and most crucial guideline before we quickly see some laws of life essay examples.

After listing your great traits and connecting them to world development, you have to develop an imaginative new world vision.

Your imaginary new world vision has to be clearly stated in the article.

Imagine the world you would want the future to look like. Imagine a world that can be created by intelligent, optimistic, and sincere human effort.

In your essay, use rich, vivid details to describe a world where poverty, hunger, and insurgence no longer exist.

Attribute this development in your new world vision to the fact that the leaders in your world have learned how to organize societies with integrity and harmony.

You can create a future where people work hard to improve society and the environment. A world where people have learned to become tolerant of diverse ethnic, religious, and social groups.

In this essay, give specific examples and show how your life purpose connects to your vision.

This is the Templetons template for creating the perfect laws of life essay.

Do not also neglect the general rules of essay writing, such as:

  1. Conducting quality academic research
  2. creating an essay outline
  3. Writing the first draft and revising for errors
  4. Editing your final draft for errors.

Laws of Life Essay Examples

We will provide two laws of life essay examples in this article.

The first of the two laws of life essay examples is about Derek Anderson, a teenager who learned the value of helping people out and has continued to find ways to help those in distress.

The second of the two laws of life essay examples explores the horizon of assisted suicide. Is suicide acceptable? On what grounds should suicide become legal? Who is permitted to help a suicidal patient?


The Laws of life essay examples listed in this article express the writer’s unique belief system and strong sense of purpose.

As you create your essay, it is expected that you infuse these same themes from your unique point of view.

We wish you the best.

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