20 Passionate Signs He is Making Love to You and Not Just Having Sex

There is a world of difference between making love and just having sex.

While most people are quick to conflate both, having sex and making love are both unique acts, each with identifiable signs. Anyone can have sex, but not all sex can be characterized as lovemaking.

Difference between making love and having sex

Making love requires a high level of intimacy and emotional connection.

Sex, on the other hand, can be had without any of those because it is physical and requires two people to be attracted to each other on a physical level.

Emotional attraction is hardly requisite to having sex. Love-making is not superficial, it requires two people who are not only physically attracted to each other but share a special emotional connection.

Having sex is nothing but you satiating your animalistic cravings. You can meet a stranger at a bar, and the animal instinct kicks in, and 10 minutes later, you are both naked in a stall. That’s how trivial sex is.

Love-making requires something deep and passionate. In this article, we will discuss some signs he is making love to you and not just having sex.

1. He enjoys foreplay

Yes! Foreplay is always a precursor to great lovemaking. It is where the magic happens. If he takes his time to explore the depth of your body and is in no rush to get it over with then you are down for some lovemaking.

2. He focuses on your satisfaction

The goal of lovemaking is mutual satisfaction. His focusing and putting in the effort to satisfy you and isn’t just prioritizing his ejaculation is a sure sign he is making love to you.

3. Lots of eye contact

Poets describe the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Good love-making involves a lot of eye contact and no awkwardness.

4. He communicates how much he wants you

Yes! If he showers you with compliments and tells you how much he desires and wants you in the heat of the moment, then it is more than just mere sex.

5. He takes his time

You can have sex in a hurry, but lovemaking is slow. You build up gradually. If he takes his time, savouring every moment, then it is a huge sign he isn’t just chasing a good time.

6. He is honest with you

If a man really wants to be with you, he’ll be honest. He won’t play games; he’ll want to be true to you; this is an important sign.

Playing games and sending mixed signals are for when he is unsure about being with you. But when a man loves you and wants to make love to you, he avoids any confusion and focuses on making you feel secure.

7. He wants to know your likes

If a guy wants to make love to you, he’ll care about the little details that give you more pleasure. He’ll be inquisitive in the moments leading to the act, wanting to know every sexual quirk of yours because he wants to please you.

8. The sex is passionate and slow

Speed is a huge difference between casual sex and lovemaking! He takes his time penetrating harder and deeper, focusing on leading you to an intense orgasm.

If a guy just wants to have sex, he’d be faster and focus more on his getting himself off. But when he’s making love, he starts slow, gradually picking up speed with each stroke.

9. He maintains good hygiene

Bad breath, smelly sheets, and a smelly armpit can be a huge turnoff. If he maintains good hygiene in all areas, it is a sign that he cares about having a memorable experience, and he doesn’t want you to feel awful and disgusted during lovemaking.

10. He sets up a romantic environment

Suppose he puts effort into creating a romantic environment with scented candles, rose petals, and a romantic playlist. In that case, it indicates that he cares about you and isn’t just looking for a one-night stand or casual sex.

11. He applies no pressure for sex

If he doesn’t pressurize you to make out or have sex, it means he respects you and wouldn’t want to go against your will. He understands the importance of consent and that both of you need to be in the same zone mentally to have a great sexual experience.

13. He shares his sexual fantasies with you

If he talks about his sexual fantasies with you, then it is a huge sign he is interested in you beyond just casual sex, as people need to be comfortable sharing their deepest sexual fantasies.

14. He is happy with you

His facial expression and mood will say it all. If he looks content and lit after lovemaking, it means it wasn’t just casual sex, and he enjoyed every bit of it. But if he dozes off, acts awkward, or gets busy with his phone immediately, then he is probably there for just casual sex.

15. He experiments in bed

One of the signs of great lovemaking is that he would be willing to try out new positions and new moves to spice things up. He would also be willing to try out your fantasies

16. He respects your limitations

Everyone has sexual boundaries, things they wouldn’t want to try or are not comfortable trying. A man that wants to make love to you would understand that they’re acts and areas you wouldn’t explore, and he would respect your limitations.

17. He focuses on more than your looks

If he is fascinated by every part of you and not just your physical beauty, then it is a sign he is in for more than just casual sex.

Make no mistakes, him being obsessed with your beauty isn’t a bad thing, but him focusing on just your beauty alone and ignoring your personality and other parts of you don’t indicate he is interested in you beyond the superficial.

18. He makes you feel special

If he makes you feel special in spite of your flaws and ensures you are always comfortable and happy, then it is a sign he is in for more than just casual sex. He’d cherish sharing such a precious moment with you.

19. He checks on you

If he checks up on you and is interested in your well-being, then it is a sign he is in for more than just casual sex with you.

20. You feel different when you are with him

Yes! He evokes the best emotions out of you. His presence around you brings you comfort and happiness. It is a sign that he isn’t just there for sex but he wants something more.


I hope this has helped you gain more clarity in discerning signs he is making love to you and not just having sex. Kindly share if you found this post useful.

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