How to Calculate NICT Aggregate Score 2024/2025

Due to the fact that each institution has a distinct cut-off mark, many students struggle to determine their overall scores.

NICT aggregate score

Prior to that, we will explain the meanings of the aggregate and post-UTME scores as well as the factors that must be taken into account when determining the National Institute Of Construction and Technology (NICT) aggregate score.

What is Aggregate Score? 

That means the candidate must get at least 50 Questions Correctly. The aggregate score will be used to determine the cut-off point for admission into each of the programmes.

Cut-off points for each course will be determined by the performance of all the candidates who applied for the course.

How to CalCulate NICT Aggregate Score 

To calculate NICT Aggregate Score, you have to know your JAMB score as well as your Post UTME, NICT rounds off points of candidates to 400%

To calculate NICT Aggregate is simple

Multiply your Post UMTE by 4

Add it up to your JAMB score

Divide by 2

For a better understanding, let’s use Treasure as a case study

If Treasure scores 65 in her Post UTME , 65 x 4= 260

JAMB score  is 220                                  220+260= 480

Lastly, you divide it by 2                    480/2= 240

Treasure’s aggregate score for NICT is 240 over 400

With this, you will be able to know if you are eligible for admission or not.


In conclusion, calculating your NICT Aggregate score is an important step in the admissions process for all courses at NICT.

Therefore, it is essential to put in your best effort throughout the application process to increase your chances of being admitted to the program of choice at NICT.

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