How to Score High in JAMB 2024

Are you in your final year in secondary school? Have you had so many failed JAMB attempts? Do you want to know how to score high in JAMB 2024?

How to score high in Jamb

If your answer is ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, you’re at the right place.

Different people have different stories to tell about JAMB. So many believe that JAMB is hard and nearly impossible to score above 250.

They are not entirely wrong; JAMB is hard when you don’t follow the rules guiding this examination. Reading your textbooks and past questions from cover to cover is not enough.

You must meet other criteria to pass your JAMB with flying colors.

We know what it means to be in your situation, and we can tell you for free that with our experience, we can give basic guidelines for scoring high in JAMB.


How to Score High In JAMB

Here are some easy steps that will help you achieve your goal of scoring high in JAMB;

Start Today

This is the first and most crucial step to take toward achieving your goal of scoring high in JAMB.

There is the saying, ‘ Time waits for no man,’ don’t let the euphoria of the new year distract you. Get your act together and start now.

Four months might look like a long time, but before you know it, there are jamb questions in front of you.

Don’t be caught unprepared; start now.

Register Early

Registration for JAMB 2024 is ongoing, hurry now and register. Registering early is a crucial step to take toward achieving your goals.

These are some of the benefits of registering early;

  • You can access the JAMB syllabus, brochure, and novel when you register early. These are basic materials you will need to score high in your JAMB.
  • Registering early affords you the convenience of writing your exam in any state of your choice.

Avoid late registration this year.

Draw a Study Timetable

Drawing a study timetable helps you organize your study plan. If you can draft a study timetable and stick to it, you are a step closer to success.

When drafting your timetable, put your other daily activities into consideration. Doing this will help you stay consistent.

So if you’re a student, you will draft your study timetable to fall in the evenings when you are less busy.

Here is a template to guide you;

MondayEnglish8 pm-10 pm
TuesdayMaths8 pm-10 pm
WednesdayChemistry8 pm-10 pm
ThursdayPhysics8 pm-10 pm
FridayJamb novel8 pm-10 pm
SaturdayPast questions8 pm-10 pm
SundayPast questions8 pm-10 pm
Study Timetable Draft

Time Management

If you must score high in JAMB this year, you must learn to manage your time effectively.

Having a study timetable is just one step to managing your time well.

The easiest way to manage your time well is to have a to-do list. Everything you need to get done in order of priority is on your to-do list.

Attaching Time to each task keeps you in check; it stops you from spending all the time on one task.

A sticky note and pen are convenient tools for time management.

Practice Past Questions

To score very high in JAMB, you must practice jamb past questions.

JAMB hardly sets new questions; they mainly refurbish their old ones. So you could see a 2007 question in 2020 but with the options rearranged or changed.

Sometimes, the questions are repeated in the same way.

Take time to go through as many past questions as possible; this will equip you better.

Use Jamb Syllabus

The JAMB syllabus contains the list of topics covered in Jamb exams. Using the JAMB syllabus helps you streamline your reading to only the necessary topics,

This gives you more time to learn and gain mastery of these topics.

Attend Tutorials

Tutorials help to broaden your knowledge about the topics in the JAMB syllabus.

In addition to recommended textbooks, past questions, and novels, you can attend physical tutorials around you.

You could also watch youtube tutorials on topics you find difficult to understand.


As you prepare for your exam, stay consistent with your reading plan. This will help you cover a lot of topics before your exam.

Identify and Work on your Weak Points

You know the subjects you struggle with; focus more of your time and energy on them. In no time, you become a genius in those subjects.

Stay Up to Date

Be up to date with important information as regards the Jamb examination. You need to know when it’s time for reprinting, your examination date, when registration is closing, etc.

How to Score High In JAMB|Bonus Tips

  • Pay attention to exam instructions and follow them judiciously.
  • Start with subjects that you are familiar with, and spend time on them to answer every question accurately.
  • Work on your speed and accuracy.
  • Adhere strictly to jamb’s code of conduct.
  • Sleep early the day before your exam.

What is Jamb High Score?

There have been debates on what exactly should be considered as a high score as regards the JAMB examination.

Well for your score to be considered as high, it must be able to get you into your desired course.


What is JAMB high score?

There is no set high score, if your score is able to get you into your desired course then it can be considered a high score.

Is it possible to score 300+ in JAMB?

Yes, it is very possible to score 300 in JAMB. All you have to do is follow the tips in this article and you are on your way to a high score.

Does JAMB repeat past questions?

Yes, JAMB repeats past questions. It is advised you add past questions as part of your study materials.

Is Jamb hard?

The difficulty of JAMB depends on how prepared you are. If you are well prepared, then the exam is a walk-over, and vice versa.


If you have gone through our guide and taken our advice seriously, we are certain that you will come out with flying colours in your next JAMB examination.

Remember, register on time, draw a reading timetable, manage your time, practice JAMB past questions, use the current JAMB syllabus, attend tutorials, and be consistent with tips.

This is us saying a big congratulations to you on your next JAMB result.

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