Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary 2024 Update

I will present important information about the Nigerian Army ranks and salary in this article.

Knowing the Nigerian Army salary structure and ranks is essential whether you want to understand the role of the army in general or wish to join the Nigerian Army. Continue reading to find out more.

Ranks and Salary Structure in the Nigerian Army

I will show you the Nigerian Army ranks and salary monthly in this article. As a result, after reading this page, you will be aware of the Nigerian Army’s ranks and pay system. If you understand that, continue reading.

There are many things you should know about the Nigerian Army, especially if you plan to join it in the future.

Before we go into the Nigerian Army ranks and compensation structure, we’d like to offer you a brief overview of the Nigerian Army and its functions.

The Nigerian Army is the major component of the Nigerian Army Forces and is overseen by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). It is in charge of land warfare operations and was created in 1960. In terms of size, it is still Africa’s largest army.

The Nigerian Army’s Duties and Functions

The Nigerian Army’s duties and functions are listed below

  • Nigerian lands must be protected and dominated officers are trained, equipped, and organized to carry out field combat operations.
  • Execute basic defense maneuvers.
  • Coordinate the application of immigration and customs laws.
  • Defend the country from external threats.
  • Overcome the insurgency.
  • Make some emergency services available.
  • Create a secure environment.
  • If necessary, re-establish order.
  • Protect our historic landmarks, natural resources, and high-value regions.
  • Perform any other obligations assigned by the President or outlined in the National Assembly’s resolutions.

Nigerian Army’s Ranks

Let’s look at the Nigerian Army’s ranks and salary structure now that you’ve learned about its roles and functions.

Without initially understanding the Nigerian Army ranks, you will be perplexed by the Nigerian Army salary structure. So let’s start with the Nigerian Army Ranks.

Nigerian Army Ranks There are two types of ranks in the Nigerian Army:

Non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers are two types of officers.

As a result, the Nigerian Army has the following ranks:

Commissioned Officer

From the highest to the lowest commissioned officer grades in the Nigerian Army are as follows:

1. Field Marshal 

The Nigerian Army’s highest rank is Field Marshal. It has a 5-Star rating, which no one in Nigeria’s history has ever achieved.

2. General

It has a General with four stars. This is the highest position a Nigerian has ever held. NATO assigns it several nine.

3. Lieutenant General

A Lieutenant General is a high commission officer with a Three-Star General. NATO has given it a rank of eight.

4. Major General

A Major General is a medium commission officer with a Two-Star General. NATO gives it several seven.

5. Brigadier General

A One-Star General is awarded to Brigadier General. NATO assigns it several six. NATO assigns a five-star rating to Colonels.

7. Lieutenant Colonel

The Lieutenant Colonel is NATO’s fourth-ranking officer and serves as the Colonel’s deputy.

8. Major

NATO classifies it as number three, and it is the lowest level of field officer.

9. Captain

The highest rank in the tactical troops, the captain is ranked number two by NATO.

10. First Lieutenant

The Captain’s immediate superior rank and deputy.

11. Second Lieutenant

NATO considers the First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant to be the same person.

Non-Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army

Non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army are ranked as follows, from highest to lowest:

12. Master Warrant officer

13. Warrant Officer

14. Staff Sergeant

15. Sergeant

16. Corporal

17. Lance Corporal

18. Private Soldier

19. Recruiting

Let’s get right to the salaries that each of them receives each month. You might be surprised by the quantity revealed here.

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army in 2024

The salary system in the Nigerian army is based on rank. The pay of a Nigerian soldier is determined by his rank and years of service. The Nigerian Army’s current salary structure is shown below.

The following are the wages of Nigerian Army commissioned officers, from highest to lowest:

  • General – Naira 1,500,000 per month
  • Lieutenant General – Earn a monthly salary of 1,000,00 Naira.
  • Major General – With a monthly salary of 950,000 Naira, Major General is the third highest-paid.
  • Brigadier General – Monthly remuneration of N750,000.
  • Colonel – Every month, Colonel receives N550,000.
  • Lieutenant Colonel – N350,000 per month
  • Major – monthly salary of 300,000 Naira
  • Captain – monthly salary of 220,000 Naira
  • Lieutenant – The monthly salary for a Lieutenant is 180,000 Naira.
  • Second Lieutenant – A monthly salary of N120,000 is paid to a Second Lieutenant.

After all other deductions, this is how the men and women who risk their lives to protect you are compensated. They will receive free houses as well as other benefits.

Furthermore, they do not pay for power.

Non-commissioned officers’ wages in the Nigerian Army are as follows, from highest to lowest:

  • N90,000 per month for Master Warrant Officer.
  • N80,000 per month for a warrant officer.
  • Staff Sergeant – The monthly take-home pay for a Staff Sergeant is 68,000 Naira.
  • Sergeant – a monthly salary of 63,000 Naira.
  • Corporal – Corporal receives a monthly salary of 58,000 Naira.
  • Lance Corporal makes between 54,000 and 55,000 Naira per month.
  • Private Soldier – A private soldier’s monthly salary ranges from 48,000 to 49,000 Naira.


From this article, you will observe that the Nigerian Army is well structured, and probably well-paid base on my opinion.

Do you feel they are well paid? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section

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