Physician Assistant Jobs Near Me

Physician assistant jobs near me

Earning extra income as a Physician Assistant (PA) is perfect for individuals who run busy schedules but also care about the health of others.

Want a Physician Assistant job near you? Have a look!

In this article, we are sharing some of the best and most available physician assistant jobs in the United States.

Working as a Physician Assistant, you have a lot of departments to choose from, such as primary care, pediatric care, gynecology, family medicine, and so on.

Here are some of the top ones you can apply for with the right pay.

Physician Assistant Jobs Near Me

Physician assistant jobs near me

You do not necessarily need to attend medical school to get a PA job. You can work as a doctor’s assistant and then apply to become a physician.

The PA jobs listed below are remote and physical, selected to fit your preference.

Physician Assistant – Las Vegas, NV

This job revolves around Preventative Health, Immunization Medicine, Travel Medicine, and Employee Health.

You will see between 10-20 patients a day in a low-stress position and be in the managerial position of the clinic. 

Click here for job requirements and applications.

Physician Assistant – OB-GYN – Nights – Cornell Campus

This job centers around Labour and Delivery service.

You will admit patients to labor & delivery and antepartum services as needed, function as an integral member of the OB team, and assist with labor floor/postpartum emergencies and cesarean sections.

You will also have the ability to first assist in the operating room.

Click here for job requirements and applications.

Physician Assistant – Floors-Nights

This job focuses on managing medical/ surgical issues, admission History, Post-operative checks with neurologic assessments, and several others.

Click here for job requirements and applications.

Physician Assistant – Cardiothoracic Surgery

Applicants for this job are required to assist with patient pre, intra, and postoperative care and management under the responsibility and supervision of the surgeon.

Click here for job requirements and the application.

Virtual Psychiatric Physician Assistant

This job requires providing premier online psychiatric care to clients and their families.

Evaluate, diagnose, and treat clients with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations, develop treatment plans, prescribe medication, and evaluate treatment results.

Click here for job requirements and applications.

Physician Assistant – California (Remote)

Klarity Health

Physician Assistants in California are needed to remotely evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage Adult Mental Health Patients (ADHD).

You will be required to conduct initial online visits with new patients, provide professional mental health evaluation and diagnosis and conduct monthly follow-up online visits.

Click here to apply.

Physician Assistant Orthopedics (Full Time, Day Shift)

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Applicants are required to ascertain a thorough patient history and physical examination; order and interpret radiological and laboratory test results; treat the minor injury; make a diagnosis; instruct and counsel patient and family; prescribe medications; order and carry out therapy and management plans etc.

 Click here for job requirements and applications.

How Much Can I Earn as a Physician Assistant

Reports state that the national average salary of a physician assistant is $104,953 per year.

Your salary as a physician assistant will depend on your years of experience, who you work for, and location.


We have outlined some Physician Assistant jobs nearby for you and several ways to become a part of the medical community. This is one of the high-paying jobs in the United States.

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