Which Tribe Is the Richest in Nigeria

Before you begin reading, try guessing which tribe is the richest in Nigeria. Africa’s rich culture and diversity have distinguished it as one of the world’s most unique continents.

Nigeria, as one of the continent’s fastest-growing economies, embodies all that is inherently African. Nigeria has three of Africa’s top ten richest tribes, thanks to its expanding population. 

Foreigners may be surprised by this, as African countries have long been associated with poverty in popular western culture.

The opposite could not be further from the truth. Nigeria’s top five wealthiest tribes are a shining illustration of how far the continent has advanced since colonialism.

The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the richest tribes in Nigeria 

Which Tribe Is the Richest in Nigeria

Yoruba Tribe

The Yoruba tribe is one of the major ethnic groups on the African continent. Yoruba people are primarily found in southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin. 

The Yoruba people are widely regarded as one of Africa’s most educated tribes, with important positions in politics and business. 

In truth, the Yoruba tribe has demonstrated its entrepreneurial prowess, with a substantial number of its members owning and operating successful businesses. It is regarded as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest tribes. 

The Yoruba people are a close-knit group. They have a vast network of links that stretches across the continent.

Some notable Yorubas include: 

Dr. Oba Otudeko 

Dr. Oba Otudeko is credited with founding the Honeywell Group as a successful Nigerian businessman.

Honeywell is involved in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, telecommunications, and food.

He has also held important roles such as President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (2006) and Director of the Nigerian Central Bank.

 Hausa Tribe

Among the Afroasiatic languages, Hausa is the second most common. The Hausa are the largest ethnic group on the African continent, which is understandable. 

Despite the fact that Hausa-speaking communities are distributed over Africa, making them a diverse community, they are culturally quite similar. 

The Hausa tribe lives in villages, towns, and cities, and is mostly regarded as a farming community. 

The Hausa have become one of Nigeria’s wealthiest tribes thanks to their noble ancestry and long lineage. 

Hausas are mostly Sunni Muslims who practice Orthodox Sunni Islam, sometimes known as Sufi Islam. 

Furthermore, the Hausa tribe dates back nearly 500 years and is home to some of Nigeria’s most powerful politicians, businesspeople, benefactors, and leaders. 

Their history is essentially the history of the continent, making them one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s most culturally and economically prosperous tribes. 

Members of the Hausa tribe who are well-known include: 

Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote is the founder and CEO of the Dangote Group, a commodities trading company based in Nigeria and Africa. He was the richest man in the world in 2013, with a net worth of more than $2.6 billion.

Fulani Tribe

The customs and cultures of Fulani and Hausa are strikingly similar. As a result, they’re frequently lumped together in publications and journals. 

In truth, these are two of Nigeria’s wealthiest tribes, with enormous ethnic groups spread over the continent. 

The majority of Fulani people have sedentary lifestyles, with farming being the most popular occupation. Aside from that, the tribe has a large number of merchants and artists, as well as aristocrats

Igbo Tribe

Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart, in which the Nigerian author developed the character of Okonkwo, an Igbo, brought the Igbo tribe to prominence. 

Igbo is now regarded as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest tribes. The Igbo tribe owns a slew of enterprises and is regarded as a great economist. 

Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry, is run by Igbos to the tune of about 70%. This community is home to some of Nigeria’s most well-known citizens.

Isoko Tribe

The Isoko is a Nigerian tribe that lives in the southern parts of the country. Though Isoko is not one of Nigeria’s top three wealthiest tribes, it is rich in culture and heritage, with a strong emphasis on fine arts. 

The Isoko tribe deals in plantain and palm oil production and distribution, with a focus on both farming and fishing. 

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Unlike the other tribes on this list, the Isoko are not a very close-knit society, which may explain why they aren’t the richest tribe in Nigeria. 

In Isoko civilization, personal pride is very important. This also prevents people from seeking help or assisting others, as it is seen as a sign of weakness.


We’ve been able to outline the five richest tribes in Nigeria and do so with great detailing.

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