Where is Lexus Made

Where is Lexus made? Lexus is manufactured in Japan. Lexus maintains various manufacturing plants in Japan, Canada, and the United States to keep up with consumer demand for iconic vehicles.

Lexus combines excellent craftsmanship and exaggerated styling through its diverse lineup. Initially, its reputation was built on luxury cars such as the LS sedan. The company grew thanks to the popular SUVs such as the original Lexus RX.

When you’re driving, look around, and you’ll almost certainly see a Lexus around every bend. But who owns Lexus and where is it made, and how?

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Lexus is a well-known luxury vehicle manufacturer, yet few people realize that Toyota owns the Lexus name.

With Lexus being the premier-luxury marque, the two brands have distinct aesthetics and offer unique facilities and attributes.

Both companies are headquartered in Japan, with Toyota in Toyota City and Lexus in Nagoya.

It should come as no surprise that Japanese drivers make up most of the drivers on the road.

Because there is so much to admire about Lexus, many customers wonder, “Where is Lexus made” and “Who owns Lexus?  

Lexus is a well-known Japanese automobile manufacturer with a long and storied history.

So, who owns Lexus? Toyota Motor Corporation, a well-known vehicle manufacturer, technically owns Lexus.

While Lexus is a Toyota brand, it was created as a luxury brand that stands apart from the rest. Despite the fact that Toyota owns Lexus, the two firms are vastly different in many aspects. Ray Catena Lexus’s experts

Where are Lexus cars made?

The majority of Lexus vehicles are made in Japan’s Chubu and Kysh areas. Many drivers appreciate the high quality of a Lexus vehicle made in Japan.

However, in 2003, a plant in Ontario, Canada, produced the first Lexus outside of Japan, the Lexus RX 330, which meets identical quality requirements according to Lexus vehicle factories’ criteria.

Lexus models are now produced in several locations throughout Japan, Canada, and the United States, and they are high-quality vehicles that enhance your travels. Lexus automobiles are manufactured at the following popular locations:

LS, GS, IS, GX, RX, & NX LS, GS, IS, GX, RX, & NX LS, GS, IS, GX, RX, & NX

Kitakyushu, Japan — CT, HS, & RX Toyota City, Japan — ES, LX, LFA, & LC Toyota City, Japan — ES, LX, LFA, & LC Toyota City, Japan — ES, LX, LFA, & LC Toyota City, Japan —


While Toyota is Lexus’ parent corporation, the premium brand has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, and began operating its own design, engineering, and manufacturing departments in the early 2000s. What is the story behind the Lexus brand?

1983 — Toyota launched Project F1 (short for Flagship One) in response to chairman Eiji Toyoda’s challenge to produce the world’s best car. This project spanned several years and involved market research in Laguna Beach, California, where wealthy Americans’ lifestyles were studied.

1989 — Project F1 is completed, resulting in the launch of Lexus, Toyota’s new premium brand aimed at international markets, and a network of 81 new Lexus dealerships across the United States.

The Lexus LS features a new V6 twin-turbo engine that revs up the segment once more.

2019 — The ten-millionth Lexus model is sold, following the introduction of many more vehicles and the weathering of storms such as the international recession and others. Because of its popularity, it’s nearly certain that you’ll see a Lexus when walking through Old Bridge.

2022 — Lexus debuted the Lexus IS-F in 2008, marking the start of the “F” name for Lexus and demonstrating the company’s capacity to build high-performance automobiles.

The Lexus IS-F has a strong V8 engine and was produced until 2014 when it was discontinued. For the 2022 model year, however, the Lexus IS premium sports car returns with a powerful 5.0L V8 engine.

2022 — Lexus had a noteworthy year in 2022.


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