7 Signs He Wants to Make Love to You

This article contains signs he wants to make love to you. If you want to know if a man wants you intimately or casually, you would know by his actions and how he treats you.

First of all, there is a world of difference between having sex and making love. Not everyone agrees because, to be honest, having sex and making love usually involve the same physical activity.

That’s as close as it gets.  As a matter of fact, lovemaking is deeper and a tad spiritual. By contrast, having sex is more utilitarian and less emotionally connected. The biggest difference between having sex and making love is in the intention behind the act.

Making love is all about the expression of romantic love. Simply put, people who are in love make love. The intimacy level while making love is quite higher because it involves a much deeper connection. Here are a few signs he wants to make love to you.

Signs He Wants to Make Love to You

1. He Can’t Stop Looking at You

The eye indicates the antiquity of the soul, a popular saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Simply put, the eyes can speak, and it serves as a mirror to the soul. The eyes say a whole lot more than the mouth without speaking.

The mouth can tell lies, but the eyes will always tell the truth. Learning how to read the eyes is a very important life hack. A man who wants to make love to you might say something, but his eyes will tell a different story.

Charlotte Bronte once said the soul, fortunately, has an interpreter, often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye. A man who wants to make love to you won’t be able to take his eyes off you. It is a sure sign he wants to make love to you.

2. He’s quite Affectionate

When he never misses a chance to touch you, or he makes up excuses to touch you like holding hands, your hair, trying to take the strands of hair away from your face, always finds a reason to stay close to you, et cetera.

This often indicates a man who is head over heels in love and a sure sign he wants to make love to you. Henry Miller once said the only thing we never get enough of is love, and the only thing we never give enough of is love.

3. He Makes the Effort to take You Out on Dates

If the saying by Samantha Daniels, ” A guy should make the woman he is dating feel different and more special than anyone else in his life,” is anything to go by, a man who loves you enough to want to make love to you, would pull out all the stops to make you feel special.

Taking the time to plan and go on dates is a sign he wants to make love to you. A person’s readiness to date is largely a matter of maturity and environment- Myles Munroe.

4. The Way He Kisses You

How he kisses you is another way to tell if he wants to make love to you. French Poet Edmond Rostand once wrote A kiss is a secret that takes the lip for the ear. Kisses are often telltale signs of a man’s intentions.

Another popular saying by Christian Nestell Bovee goes, “It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in the kiss that sanctifies it.”

5. He wants to be your Knight in Shinning Armour

A man who loves you or wants to make love to you will always offer you the last slice of cake on the plate, would always offer you his jacket to keep you warm, would defend you, respect you, and offer to carry you when you’re tired, try to keep you safe et cetera. 

In other words, a man who wants to make love to you would always act heroically.

6. He doesn’t Feel The Need to Rush Things

A man who is horny and just wants to have sex will be unwilling to take things slow. A man, on the other hand, who wants to make love will always be willing to take things slow so as to get that deeper level of connection.

He’ll gladly take things slow so as not to ruin his chances of connecting with you on an emotional level. Willingness to take things slow is often a clear sign he’s not just looking to satisfy his sexual cravings by having casual sex but wants the experience to be special.

7. He isn’t Afraid to Show You off in Public

When a man isn’t afraid or shy to introduce you to his world, i.e., his friends, colleagues, siblings, etc., he is probably looking to build something with you and not just a means to satisfy his sexual cravings.

It is a prominent sign he wants to share a deeper connection with you while making love.


Lovemaking is therapeutic and connects on a much deeper level than having casual sex.

Signs that he wants to make love to you are a testament to his desire to share something more genuine with you.

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