Meet the Person Behind Big Brother Nigeria Voice | BBNaija

BBNaija is one of the most popular reality shows in Nigeria presently.

It is a reality show in which contestants are brought together under one roof for three months and are made to compete for a huge sum of money valued at $10000.

Every one of the contestants has to ensure they do not get evicted, as their every attitude in the house is being watched.

From time to time during the show, contestants are evicted until just one last man is standing.

If you are quite conversant with this TV reality show, you will surely know there is a particular alluring male voice you hear on the show that mostly gives the BBNaija contestants cold chills.

As we discuss in this article, you will meet the person behind Big Brother Nigeria Voice (BBNaija), so stay glued to your phone screen.

Who is the Person behind Big Brother Nigeria Voice (BBNaija)

Well, I’m quite sure many of you are wondering who the owner of that voice you hear on the TV is.

According to many sources, it has been confirmed that the voice behind the BBNaija shine ya eye is non-other than Ejike Ibedilo.

Ibedilo formally used to work for Cool FM; he is an Actor, an On-Air Personality, and an event compere.

Journey of the Person behind Big Brother Nigeria Voice (BBNaija)

Ejike Ibedilo is a married man with two beautiful kids. His journey in life has not been straight and without challenges, but he is grateful for where he is now.

He initially planned to become a medical doctor during his early days, but things turned out differently.

His journey towards discovering his true self started at the National Stadium, Surulere, when he went for the MTN Gladiator show.

A particular woman heard his voice over the phone and questioned if he was on the radio. But the answer was no because he was not on the radio.

He was studying Physiology at the University of Lagos at that time.

The next statement that proceeded from this lady got him shocked, she said, and I quote, “ If you are not on a radio, then you are a waste; go and listen to your voice and have a rethink.”

He was later told the exact words on a particular day by his cousin and someone named Shadrack John, who was coincidentally a voice-over artiste then.

So it was easy for Shadrack to make arrangements for him to be heard on the radio. Everybody, even seniors in the studio, was happy to meet him at Eric Moore in Surulere.

They assured him that he would achieve a lot with his voice texture, and this is how the journey started.

He proceeded with his studies at the University of LagosStatee but as an amateur,r he knew he needed adequate training in his new career.

As time went by, he connected with Frank Ehodo, who commented on his voice and told him he would need to be well-trained.

He learned everything he needed to know about broadcasting at the  Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Training School at GRA-Ikeja, Lagos.

There was a particular lecturer who took a special interest in him, namely Mr. Akioya. He gave him extra attention and ensured he was growing.  

He gained much knowledge from this lecturer during his time at the FRCN.

Since he already had a burning passion for Broadcasting, he put his best efforts into it and was posted to Cool FM for his internship.

He worked at Cool FM for four years before he eventually quit and chose to stay self-employed.


In conclusion, the name of the BBNaija host is ChukwuebukaObi-Uchendu. He was born on July 14, 1982.

He is a Nigerian lawyer and a social media personality from Anambra state, Okija town, Nigeria. He has been the yearly host of the BB Naija reality TV show.

You can access tips on how to register for BBNaija here.

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