UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Future Females Business School GreenTech, and AgriTech Programme 2024 for Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs

Future Females Business School’s Joint GreenTech and AgriTech Programme, in collaboration with the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, is an initiative that provides financed slots to Nigerian female entrepreneurs who are growing tech-based enterprises and making a difference in their communities.

The three-month programme is designed for female entrepreneurs with a GreenTech or AgriTech idea or an early-stage business who want to upskill and use technology to grow their businesses.

Are you interested in technology and sustainability and want to start a business that will have a positive social impact and assist your community?

Then this is the programme for you! It is intended to provide you with the clarity, vision, and capacity to focus on and execute the proper strategies to establish your thriving tech-enabled dream firm.

Throughout the programme, entrepreneurs will have access to practical information, weekly coaching sessions with a sustainability coach and guest feature masterclasses with industry experts to help them scale and become more sustainable.

Future Females Business School GreenTech and AgriTech Programme Details


  • Get clear on your purpose and vision
  • ​Uncover your high-value customers
  • ​Document a profitable business plan
  • ​Build an irresistible & unique brand
  • ​Create a high-converting website


  • ​Grow your email list
  • ​Create valuable, engaging content
  • ​Build your social influence
  • ​Sell with confidence Increase sales & profits


  • Become more productive
  • ​Make smarter business decisions
  • ​ Maximize your tools & systems
  • ​Scale your business
  • ​Plan for your future

Future Females Business School GreenTech and AgriTech Programme Requirements

  • Applicants MUST be based in Nigeria.
  • The business MUST be a GreenTech OR AgriTech business that solves a problem.
  • The business MUST impact respective communities/industries

Future Females Business School GreenTech and AgriTech Programme Qualifying Startups 

  • Waste Management
  • Generation of power and alternative energy
  • Green Construction
  • Water management (harvesting, filtering/treatment, and metering)
  • Organic produce & retail
  • Circular economy
  • Eco-friendly fashion, beauty, or cleaning products
  • Upcycling furniture
  • Food plant nursery and such other industries.
  • Farmer’s markets (online and community-based)
  • Organic produce & retail
  • Green Packaging of agricultural products
  • Integrative medicine (Herbal/plant-based remedy)
  • Permaculture and food forests
  • Conservation Agriculture (CA)
  • LED containerized farming
  • Rooftop growing and vertical farming
  • Harvesting and Harnessing Rainwater
  • Drones/robots for aerial images & GPS technology
  • Temperature and moisture sensors
  • Farming with fungus
  • Algorithmic Agriculture
  • Value Addition and food preservation

How to Apply for Future Females Business School GreenTech and AgriTech Programme

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub provides fully funded spots for successful applicants to join the Future Females Business School programme.

Please make sure you meet all of the below requirements before applying. The application is a text-based survey submission.

If part 1 of your application is successful, you will be contacted by our team for part 2 of the application, which is an interview with one of our team members. 

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