WAEC GCE Withheld Result 2024

Dealing with the issue of your WAEC GCE results being withheld can take time and effort. Considering it is an important requirement in your pursuit of admission into a higher institution.

If you received your result as being withheld on the Waec website, you might be wondering why and if there’s any hope of the results being released.

This article was written to provide all the information you require about the WAEC GCE Withheld Result.

WAEC GCE Scratch Card

So to have a better understanding of why your WAEC GCE result has been withheld and how it can be rectified carefully, read to the end of this article.

Why Was My WAEC GCE Result Withheld?

Certain factors could contribute to the issue of WAEC GCE Withheld Results. Most of these issues could be a result of the candidate’s misfits or due to the center where the exam took place.

Some reasons why some candidates’ WAEC GCE Results may be withheld include the following;

Errors in your results

Certain errors might arise that lead to a candidate’s result being withheld, and if you fall under this category, then you shouldn’t have to worry, as the error is sure to be resolved with time.

  • If WAEC finds out that you disobey or flaunt their rules and regulation, there is every reason that they might withhold your result.
  •   If WAEC found out that candidates are answering the same questions using the same words, they might be forced to withhold the results of those who engage in this act.
  •   If candidates in your center are in the habit of using expos, copying from textbooks, or even using mobile phones to answer questions and the report gets to WAEC’s head office, they might be forced to investigate.

When Will WAEC GCE Withheld Results 2024 Be Released

A committee will come together to delegate and investigate the matter when a situation like this occurs with a report of examination malpractice.

Whether the results will be released depends solely on the committee’s findings. The outcome will be made public after these processes are completed.

The good news is that regardless of the delay and time it might take, most of these withheld results will be released to the general public.

Only those candidates who were found guilty of the offenses mentioned above will risk having their results withheld and then not being released.

What can I do if my result is withheld?

There is possibly nothing you can do. It is highly encouraged to focus on staying updated to hear the final decision of the exam body by doing the following:

  • Stay in touch with your school or the center where you took the exams
  •   Keep in touch with colleagues who happen to be facing the same issue as you
  •   Continue checking online for recent updates

Difference between Withheld and Outstanding Results

While a withheld result can be due to the candidate or the center where the exam was taken faults, an outstanding result is an error that comes up in WAEC.

Most times, it reads on the website as “Result being processed,” When this happens, it signifies that some students’ subjects are still being processed due to the errors that will soon be rectified.


We trust that this post has answered all your questions about the WAEC GCE results that were withheld.

You should avoid engaging in any behavior that could cause your WAEC GCE results to be withheld.

If you find this article helpful, share, as a few of your friends might need this. We wish a speedy release for everyone whose results have been withheld.

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