What Colors Make Orange

What Colors Make Orange

You wouldn’t find a more enthusiastic and adventurous color than Orange.

As part of our color series, we’ll be looking at the color Orange. Recently we talked about what two colors make black, and today we’ll be turning our focus to orange, answering the question of what colors make orange.

What does orange mean?

Orange is a color that symbolizes joy, warmth, heat, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, and fascination.

Orange prides itself on a color of happiness and creativity. It promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy like compassion and warmth.

Orange is stimulating, vibrant, and flamboyant. Studies indicate that oranges can create physical effects like increased hunger, increased socialization, stimulated mental activity, increased oxygen supply to the brain, increased contentment, and enhanced assurance. Orange also helps aid decision-making and enhances confidence and understanding.

The color Orange has different symbolism in different cultures

  • In Holland, orange is the national color. It represents the Dutch royal family. The Dutch National team’s color is Orange.
  • In Ukraine, the orange means strength and bravery.
  • In Hinduism, saffron orange is the most sacred color, representing fire and purity.
  • In China and Japan, orange symbolizes love, happiness, good health, and courage.
  • In the UK, orange is mostly used in political and social movements. It is the color of the Liberal Party. 
  • In the United States, Orange is used in prison uniforms.
What Colors Make Orange
Orange is the color of Halloween

The color orange strongly resonates with Millenials as it represents fearlessness.

It aids in assimilating new ideas, freeing the spirits of their limitations, and letting them be themselves.

What colors make orange?

What Colors Make Orange

The answer is simple: red and yellow make orange! 

It depends on how much red and yellow you mix. You can get different shades of orange. For instance, more yellow will give you a marigold shade of orange, while fire orange can be gotten by adding more red. And mixing orange with white or black will make the shades lighter or dark.


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