10 Youtube Hallmark Movies Free

Hallmark movies are made-for-TV movies: Usually, romances aimed at a female audience.

These movies have a reputation for the repetitive use of stock characters and similar and simple plotlines. Hallmark movies are basically feel-good romantic movies with happy endings.

Hallmark movies are TV movies and miniseries produced by top movie talents for a target audience.

Whether you’re looking for something cheerful or a happy-ending romance, Hallmark movies bring new twists to the seasonal stories of love and family. 

About one-third of Hallmark Channel movies are Christmas movies; we’ll let you know what you should expect, what you might have missed, and 10 free youtube Hallmark movies.

In addition to the Hallmark Channel, you can watch Hallmark movies online, YouTube is also a very popular place to enjoy YouTube Hallmark Christmas movies during your leisure time.

Next, let’s move to the top 10 free Hallmark movies on youtube.

10 Youtube Hallmark Movies Free

1. Christmas Under Wraps

A doctor moves to the remote, festive town of Garland, Alaska, for what she thinks is a temporary job as the local physician.

She is quickly charmed by a handsome local who soon starts to show her the importance of living in the moment and enjoying her unexpected adventure—and whose father may be hiding a major secret in his holiday shipping warehouse.

Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Robert Pine.

2. The Lost Valentine

Spanning decades and celebrating lost and found love, this story follows a journalist as she sets out to investigate what happened to the lost love of an older woman who returns to Union Station every year to salute the memory of her husband, who was lost during World War II.

The journalist finds help and loves along the way with the woman’s grandson. Starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Betty White.

3. A Royal Christmas

A young woman who is a devoted seamstress at her father’s tailoring business finds out her doting European boyfriend is actually a prince.

She travels to his home over Christmas to find a less-than-enthused mother, Queen Isadora, who makes her feel more at home with the servants than with the royal family. Starring Lacey Chabert, Jane Seymour, and Stephen Hagan.

4. A Country Wedding

A famous country singer returns to his hometown leading up to his wedding to a Hollywood actress but must reevaluate his feelings after running into his childhood sweetheart, who inspires him to write songs again.

Starring Jesse Metcalfe and Autumn Reeser.

5. When Calls the Heart Christmas

Living in a turn-of-the-century coal mining town, a young teacher gets in the holiday spirit by leading the Christmas committee, preparing her students for the Christmas play, and finding the perfect Christmas tree with a charming soldier.

But the town experiences some troubles threatening a perfect Christmas, leaving it up to the close-knit residents to save it. Starring Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin, and Jack Wagner.

6. Autumn Dreams

Two young loves elope with plans to move to the big city together. But they are thwarted when their parents annul the union, and the young girl stays home in Iowa to help her family, while the young man moves to the city.

Now, fifteen years later, both are in different cities and engaged with different people when they find out the annulment never went through.

They must come together once more to finalize their divorce, but old feelings resurface and make them question their paths. Starring Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield.

7. The Christmas Ornament

A newly widowed woman doesn’t want anything to do with Christmas, as it reminds her of her late husband.

But when she meets a Christmas tree shop owner who gives her an ornament that symbolizes hope, she begins to open up her heart to the holiday season and love again. Starring Kellie Martin and Cameron Mathison.

8. All Of My Heart

A young caterer inherits a country home and wants to restore it, but must share the home and renovation duties with a career-obsessed Wall Street trader.

The pair initially finds themselves at odds but eventually develops feelings while working alongside each other in their new home. Starring Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott, and Edward Asner.

9. The Christmas Card

A soldier finds himself falling for a woman who sent him an anonymous Christmas card while he was serving in Afghanistan, but he struggles to win her heart with her boyfriend still in the picture.

Starring Alice Evans, Edward Asner, and John Newton.

10. Chance at Romance

A hopeless romantic finds herself talking online with a handsome photographer after attending one of his shows, only to receive a plane ticket for a spur-of-the-moment romantic weekend trip to see him. 

But when she arrives, she discovers his son and housekeeper manufactured the whole relationship, and he has no idea she’s coming.

Stuck on a romantic vacation with her fake boyfriend, she starts to develop feelings for the very real man behind the façade. Starring Erin Krakow and Ryan McPartlin.


These are famous Hallmark movies, full-on romance, and happy endings. They are available on youtube to watch for free, or you can download them by downloading a youtube downloader. 

Before you download movies from Youtube, please check if it is legal to do so in your country. This rounds up our list of 10 Youtube Hallmark movies free.

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