15 Knee Injury Real Images

15 Knee Injury Real Images

The knee is a complex joint comprising many different ligaments, muscles, and tendons. These structures work together to provide stability and mobility to the joint.

When one or more of these structures becomes injured, it can cause pain and other symptoms that may affect your ability to exercise or participate in sports activities.

Injuries to the knee are very common among athletes because it takes a lot of stress and strain on the joint during physical activity.

The fact that so many different structures are involved in this region also makes it more difficult for doctors to identify what is causing your pain.

In this article, we look at 15 Knee Images Real Injury.

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Oscar Ustari

In 2017, Argentine goalkeeper Oscar Ustari was struck down with one of the most eye-watering injuries you’ll ever see.

Ustari, while playing for Club Atlas in Mexico’s Liga MX vs Tigres UANL, he saved a shot from Tigres’s veteran star Luis Rodriguez. He then gathered the ball and hit it downfield.

But by doing so, Ustari adjusted his weight to his standing left leg, causing his knee to slip out of place.

15 Knee Injury Real Images

He immediately fell to the floor and frantically screamed for the medics.

But the incident was overlooked by the referee and his team’s medical personnel for more than a minute.

Eventually, Tigres’ winger Javier Aquino responded to Ustari’s cries for help.

Players gathered around the stricken shot-stopper, who was left clasping both knees close to his body in severe agony.

Ustari was able to receive urgent treatment on the field before being stretchered off the pitch in a buggy with his face sadly resting in his gloves.

Dario Scuderi

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Borussia Dortmund youngster Dario Scuderi suffered a horrific leg break during a UEFA Youth League match.

In 2016, The Italian youngster was playing in the UEFA Youth League tie against Polish side Legia Warsaw. Still, sadly for him, his afternoon came to a terrible end barely 15 minutes into the first half.

The Polish side looked to build an attack down the right-hand side, and the 18-year-old was covering at left-back.

With the opponents breaking the midfield press and entering the penalty area, Scuderi attempted to make a block before the home side could get a shot or cross away.

15 Knee Injury Real Images

The Italians successfully halted the attack, but disaster struck as the ball broke loose. Unfortunately, after undergoing 9 surgeries, he eventually retired at age 21.

Djbril Cisse

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Cisse was seriously injured when he faced Blackburn defender Jay McEveley in a Premier League match.

The French striker was seen grabbing his foot on the pitch and coming down with obvious pain.

Brad Friedel, the former Blackburn goalkeeper, pointed out the seriousness of the injury, and Cisse was eventually stretched off the pitch.

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Sadly, in a friendly match between France and China on June 7, 2006, Cisse broke one leg 10 minutes into the match when Chinese captain Zheng Zhi fell on his leg, twisting Cisse’s leg.

Immediate surgery was required to repair his fractured tibia which took him out of the race for a spot at the world cup.

He broke his leg twice and recovered. What a guy!

Aaron Ramsey

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Ryan Shawcross was on the delivering end of a leg-breaker 2010 when his terrible challenge on Ramsey saw the Welshman’s leg almost split in two.

Ramsey was out for nine months but luckily came back and kicked on, even securing a mega-money £400k-a-week move to Juventus.

The ex-Gunners midfielder famously blanked Shawcross after the incident, and the notorious footballing toff guy claimed the tackle changed how he was seen in public.

Luke Shaw

15 Knee Injury Real Images

England international Luke Shaw has battled injury and fitness issues since his 33 million pounds move to Manchester United.

He was unfortunately denied ten months of footballing action after suffering a double leg break in a challenge with PSV’s Hector Moreno.

The Mexican international was in tears when he visited the former Southampton man in the hospital the next.

Marcin Wasilewski

15 Knee Injury Real Images

There was a time when Marcin Wasilewski – who went on to win the league with Leicester City – might have thought his career was over.

Belgian international Axel Witsel came in hard with a studs-up tackle during a heated Anderlecht vs Standard Liege clash that got him an 8 game ban and left the Polish man sidelined for about ten months.

He considered suing Witsell and threatened to snub a handshake if they ever crossed paths again.

Eduardo Da Silva

15 Knee Injury Real Images

An unpleasant tackle results in an unpleasant ending.

Birmingham Football Club defender Martin Taylor saw red after this horrific lunge on Arsenal’s talisman Edu.

Edu’s teammate, Gilberto Silva, had to act as a translator for the medical staff as he spoke in Portuguese and English.

Edu needed a year to recover but managed to continue his career at Arsenal before moving to Shakhtar. He is now the Director of Football at Arsenal.

Kieron Dyer

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Just ten days after making his West Ham debut, following a Six million pound move from Newcastle, Dyer’s career was left in tatters.

A Bristol Rovers’ Joe Jacobsen tackle left Dyer’s leg broken in two places.

Already troubled by injuries, Dyer needed 17 months out and could never hit the ground running again.

 Federico Mattiello

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Federico Mattiello came close to losing his footballing career.

If it weren’t for bad luck, the Juventus starlet would have had no luck.

He’d already suffered a leg break in his career before a collision with Roma hard man Radja Nainggolan produced this shocker.

At just 21, he was on loan at Chievo then and came close to losing it all.

Dave Busst

15 Knee Injury Real Images

This challenge was talked about for months. It was so horrific that Busst’s collision with Man United’s Denis Irwin and Brian McClair left Goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel vomiting and needing counselling.

The former Coventry centre back later contracted MRSA, which led to further muscle and tissue damage.

Shaun Livingston

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Shaun Livingston’s first NBA career was full of injuries, nothing worse than his knee injury.

At the start of the February game against Charlotte, Livingston went down to the left of the court before he missed a layup.

As he descended after missing, Livingston’s left knee bent abnormally, causing his patella to disintegrate and tears in his ACL, PCL, MCL, and posterior meniscus.

It was a crazy injury that took Livingston nearly 18 months to heal. Since then, he has been able to put his basketball career back on track, becoming a Brooklyn Nets player and then earning a 3-year contract worth $ 16 million with the Golden State Warriors.

Tyrone Prothro

15 Knee Injury Real Images

Tyrone Prothro was the wide receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team.

He joined the squad in 2003 as a freshman and went on to have 16 catches for 191 yards, including one touchdown. He improved the next year with 25 catches for 347 yards and 2 touchdowns.

He was having a good season with the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team till he suffered a horrific injury on October 1st, 2005.

Prothro for a catch in the endzone, but the player guarding him accidentally fell on his leg, snapping it in half.

That was the end of his playing career, as Prothro never played another game again. He is now a coach.

Kevin Ware

15 Knee Injury Real Images

This is unarguably the most horrific injury on our list.

Kevin Ware, a college basketball player, suffered a compound fracture in his right leg while playing for Louisville against Duke University.

The quite disturbing fracture noticeably had players and coaches on both teams in shock, but Ware repeatedly told his teammates to “just to win the game.”

He was moved to a hospital and underwent emergency surgery as his team honoured his request and trashed Duke 85–63.

Anderson Silva 

15 Knee Injury Real Images

UFC veteran Anderson Silva has delivered many devastating knockouts during his mixed martial arts career. However, none compare to the most difficult moment of his career when he suffered a self-inflicted leg break during his rematch with Chris Weidman.

Weidman came out on top in their first matchup when Silva engaged in his trademark head movement, taunting, much to his loss.

The second match ended in a matter of minutes when Silva delivered a leg kick, which Weidman checked with his tree trunk-sized legs, causing both bones in the Brazilian’s lower leg to break.

Silva was immediately rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery to correct his leg break. He returned to the ring in a year, but his career never recovered as he was soon involved in a scandal when he tested positive for using steroids.


There you go! As you can see, Knee Injuries are no joke. It’s best to avoid activities that may risk one’s health. The pain from a leg injury can be devastating; stay safe for your loved ones.

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