Abia State University Admission Scam Alert


Abia State University is a beacon of integrity and merit. The university takes pride in its admission processes.

ABSU’s Stand on Admission

The governing body of ABSU affirms that its admissions are transparent and strictly by merit. The university has built its reputation on these pillars, ensuring that every student gains entry based on their academic abilities.

Frauds Masquerading as University Officials

It has come to the management’s notice that certain unscrupulous individuals are attempting to tarnish its name. These scammers are defrauding innocent individuals, claiming to offer admission in exchange for money.

The university denounces such deceptive acts and categorically states that admissions are not for sale.

Rely on the Official Procedures

Admissions at ABSU strictly comply with the guidelines and procedures outlined by JAMB. The institution holds its academic standards in the highest regard and would never waver from them.

Taking Action: What You Can Do

It’s important to remain vigilant and immediately report these incidents to the university’s designated authorities. ABSU assures thorough investigations and stern disciplinary measures against such deceitful individuals.


FRAUDSTERS BE WARNED – the school management will not tolerate any activity that undermines its integrity.

For genuine queries regarding admissions or any other matters, students and the public are urged to visit the official Abia State University website. Trust only the official channels and ensure a secure path to academic success.

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