The Best Courses in Nigeria

Many students must decide at least once in their lives what course to go for when seeking admission into a higher institution.

It is a difficult decision because taking the incorrect path, particularly in Nigeria, might lead to a bleak future.

Best Courses

You don’t have to be indecisive again because we’ve compiled a list of the Best Courses to study in Nigeria.

Everything is predicated on their difficulty, minimal hassles, and career chances at the end.

. Nursing, for example, continues to outperform other healthcare professions in several crucial areas. Their diversity, demand, and compensation continue to expand.

The Covid-19 outbreak highlighted the critical importance of qualified, committed, and experienced nurses, raising the value of this prestigious profession.

Not to worry you about the risk they face, which is relatively low in industrialized nations, nurses are also highly well compensated in comparison to other professions. As of the time of writing, the average annual income for a nurse in the United States is up to $80,000 dollars.


Engineering is one of the top courses to pursue in Nigeria and throughout the world. It provides several specialized courses that provide excellent opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in engineering.

Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Software Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Engineering, and Biochemical Engineering represent some of the most popular and highest-paying Engineering courses you can offer in Nigeria.

Any of these Engineering fields is viable, but it all depends on your interests, passions, and preferences. Some of the most in-demand vocations right now are software engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics engineering.

Aside from their prestige, professional progress, and potential to tackle real-world problems with practical abilities, engineering positions typically come with a generous pay package, which no one minds.

Accounting and Finance

The global accounting services industry is anticipated to be worth $868 billion by 2024. This demonstrates the rising need for these professionals.

Accounting and Finance is one of the top courses you can pursue in Nigeria right now if you are interested in the social sciences.

Accountants and auditors are critical components of any firm. These individuals ensure that your numbers are correct, conduct audits, and process payroll.

Accounting and financial expertise are needed for economic operations nationwide, from government parastatals to the private sector and small firms.

If you are a business owner in Nigeria, you will soon require the services of an accountant as your company grows and generates money.

You’ll need them to help you straighten up your tax paperwork so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot while gaining access to opportunities only available to registered firms.

Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is, without a doubt, one of the most renowned, lucrative, and sought-after courses in the world.

Medical professionals have critical responsibilities in society, and there can never be too many of them. In a country like Nigeria, where thousands of medical physicians leave the country each year to work in wealthy countries, the need for medical doctors has never been greater.

Medicine and surgery are also among the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria and around the world. A medical doctor’s annual pay in the United States is around $299,000 on average.

That’s a lot of money. However, given the nature of their work and the amount of time they devote to studying before becoming licensed medical physicians, it is well-deserved.

For these and other reasons, medicine and surgery continue to be among the Best Courses to study in Nigeria in 2024/2025


Every day, we all promote ourselves. Every day in class, a lecturer markets himself to his pupils; every day, couples market themselves – the husband markets himself to the wife and vice versa.

And, of course, businesses and organizations constantly promote to their current and potential customers.

Marketing is a necessary professional talent that is important in all aspects of life, particularly in the business world. According to a recent SMEDAN National Survey, Nigeria has approximately 41.5 million SMEs.

In fact, according to some figures, SMEs account for more than 90% of all jobs in Nigeria.

All of these companies require the same thing: marketing. As a result, the demand for skilled and experienced marketers has risen in recent years.

Marketing is a wonderful alternative for a student looking for admission in 2024, especially if you have a love for and interest in this sector.


Are you seeking a course that would provide you with additional work prospects in Nigeria? If you’ve gone through the greatest degrees to study in Nigeria that I’ve listed above and still haven’t found your match, how about Pharmacy?

Pharmacy is considered one of the top courses for scientific students. It is analogous to medicine and surgery, although chemists solely deal with pharmaceutical components.

According to Wikipedia, pharmacy is a clinical health science that combines medical science and chemistry. It is responsible for discovering, manufacturing, disposal, safe and effective use and control of prescriptions and drugs.

A pharmacist is required whenever there is a medical doctor to administer medications. The average annual income range for a chemist in the United States is $110-$142. But don’t be captivated solely by the cash rewards.

In Nigeria, pharmacy is a fairly tough course that needs five years of undergraduate instruction.


Law is still one of the most lucrative disciplines in Nigeria today.

Law, or legal studies, touches on practically every aspect of human existence, including business, economics, politics, the environment, human rights, international relations, and trade.

Law is strictly for art students. Thus, you must excel in topics such as government, literature, English language, and economics, among others, to be eligible to study law at any of Nigeria’s top universities.

You must have a JAMB score considerably above 300 to be admitted to law school.

In terms of how lucrative law is in Nigeria while becoming a lawyer does not guarantee a prosperous life, lawyers do make pretty well depending on their various law firms and government parastatals.

However, the relative job security, career progression prospects, and satisfaction of being able to contribute your quota to the country’s judicial system are second to none.

Being a lawyer also opens up opportunities that other fields of study may not provide.

English language

You may be wondering why English is included as one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria, but it is.

If there is one course in the humanities that will introduce you to a world of possibilities and chances, it is English.

Because English is one of the most widely used languages in the world, a graduate who is highly trained in its usage is able to attract many jobs in a variety of areas that require a competent and skillful use of the language in both written and spoken forms.

The job prospects for intelligent humanities students who study English are actually much better. Surprisingly, several of these job opportunities pay more than considerably more popular science courses.

As a result, this is one of the Best Courses to pursue in Nigeria in 2024/2025


Mental health awareness is growing over the world, including in Nigeria, which has raised the demand for psychologists, making it one of the most sought-after professions.

Psychology is described as the study of the mind and behaviour, including conscious and unconscious events, as well as feelings and thoughts. Psychologists are critical to society’s well-being.

Psychology is a fantastic course to take if you want to contribute to the advancement of humanity and feel fulfilled.

Clinical psychology, counselling psychology, developmental psychology, environmental psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, rehabilitation psychology, and sports psychology are all possible careers in psychology.


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