DELSU Business School Admission form for 2024/2025 Academic Session

The Delta State University Business School (DELSU) admission form for [aca-year] academic session is available for sale.


The management of the Delta State University (DELSU) Business School is pleased to announce that the admission form is available.

Therefore, candidates who wish to be admitted into DELSU to acquire degrees in both full-time and part-time programs to be awarded a professional executive master’s degree, Diploma, or Doctorate degree, can now apply.

It is imperative to note that DELSU Business School is located at two centers in Delta State, which are Abraka and Asaba. Candidates are permitted to run their programs in either of these locations.

DELSU Business School Courses

Professional Executive MBA (Management Programme)

  • EMBA General Management
  • EMBA Enterprise Resource Planning
  • EMBA Events Management
  • EMBA Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • EMBA Human Resource Management
  • EMBA ICT and Business Decisions
  • EMBA Project Management
  • EMBA Entrepreneurship
  • EMBA International Business
  • EMBA Sports Management
  • EMBA Maritime Management.

Professional Executive MBA (EMBA) (Accounting Programme)

  • EMBA Management Accounting
  • EMBA Public Sector Accounting
  • EMBA Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • EMBA Forensic Accounting
  • EMBA Corporate Governance and Control
  • EMBA Oil and Gas Accounting.

Professional Executive MBA (EMBA) (Finance and Banking Programme)

  • EMBA Finance
  • EMBA Banking and Financial Services
  • EMBA Risk Management
  • EMBA Finance and Development
  • EMBA International Financial
  • EMBA Investment Management
  • EMBA Public Sector Financial Management
  • EMBA Bank Management.

Professional Executive MBA (EMBA) (Marketing Programme)

  • EMBA Marketing Management
  • EMBA Advertising and Public Relations
  • EMBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • EMBA Marketing Communications
  • EMBA Oil and Gas Marketing
  • EMBA International Marketing
  • EMBA Strategic Marketing.

Note that the mode of study/duration for EMBA programs: Full-Time (18 Months) and Part-Time (2-3 Years)

Professional Executive MPA (EMPA) (Public Administration Programme)

  • EMPA Public Administration
  • EMPA Development Administration
  • EMPA Ethics and Accountability
  • EMPA Local Government Administration
  • EMPA Health Administration
  • EMPA Leadership and Public Policy

Note that the mode of study/duration for EMPA programs: Full-Time (18 Months) and Part-Time (2-3 Years)

Executive Postgraduate Diploma (EPGD) (Management Programme)

  • EPGD Business Administration
  • EPGD Industrial and Human Resources Management
  • EPGD Office Information Management
  • EPGD Public Administration
  • EPGD Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • EPGD Project Management
  • EPGD International Business
  • EPGD Security Operations and Management
  • EPGD Leadership and Public Policy
  • EPGD Business Analytics
  • EPGD Applied Management
  • EPGD Maritime Management
  • EPGD Maritime Law and Policy
  • EPGD Marine Information Management

Executive Postgraduate Diploma (EPGD) (Accounting Programme)

  • EPGD Accounting
  • EPGD Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • EPGD Forensic Accounting
  • EPGD Oil and Gas Accounting
  • EPGD Management Accounting
  • EPGD Financial Reporting
  • EPGD Public Sector Accounting.

Executive Postgraduate Diploma (EPGD) (Finance and Banking Programme)

  • EPGD Finance
  • EPGD Capital Market and Investment
  • EPGD Treasury Management
  • EPGD Credit and Risk Management
  • EPGD Insurance
  • EPGD Microfinance Banking
  • EPGD Marketing of Financial Services
  • EPGD Bank Management
  • EPGD Public Sector Financial Management
  • EPGD Financial and Development.

Executive Postgraduate Diploma (EPGD) (Marketing Programme)

  • EPGD Marketing
  • EPGD Transportation and Logistics Management
  • EPGD Purchasing and Supply
  • EPGD Digital Marketing
  • EPGD Social Media Marketing
  • EPGD Customer Relationship Management
  • EPGD Brand and Product Strategy
  • EPGD International Logistics
  • EPGD International Marketing

Executive Postgraduate Diploma (EPGD) (Public Administration Programme)

  • EPGD Public Administration
  • EPGD Development Administration
  • EPGD Ethics and Accountability
  • EPGD Local Government Administration
  • EPGD Health Administration
  • EPGD Leadership and Public Policy

Note that the mode of study/duration for EPGD programmes are Full-Time (1-2 Years) and Part-Time (2-3 Years)

DBA in Management, Accounting, Financial & Banking and Marketing Programmes

  • DBA Finance
  • DBA Digital Marketing
  • DBA Credit and Financial Risk Management
  • DBA Economic Policy Management
  • DBA Enterprise Resource Planning
  • DBA Corporate Governance and Controls
  • DBA Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • DBA Human Resource Management
  • DBA Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • DBA Marketing Communications
  • DBA Oil and Gas Marketing
  • DBA Project Management
  • DBA Public Sector Accounting
  • DBA Public Relations
  • DBA Taxation
  • DBA ICT and Business Decisions
  • DBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • DBA Public Sector Financial Management
  • DBA Bank Management.

Note that the mode of study/duration for DBA programme are Full-Time (3-5 Years) and Part-Time (4-6 Years)

DELSU Business School Admission Requirements

Executive PGD Programmes

  • Holders of Honours Degrees or Higher National Diploma in relevant disciplines are qualified. Additionally, candidates with degree in other disciplines are also eligible to apply.

Executive MBA Programmes

  • A minimum of two (2) years working experience in industry and business, plus
  • Any Honour/Bachelors Degree or Higher National Diploma in any discipline.

Executive DBA

  • Minimum of five (5) years working experience in the industry, plus
  • Executive MBA or Master’s Degree in any business-related discipline

How to Apply for DELSU Business School Admission Form

Interested candidates should visit the University’s website and complete the DELSUBS online application forms.  Candidates are also required to generate an application virtual pin of N31,000 (Thirty-One Thousand Naira Only).  

Payments should be made through any of Zenith Bank Plc, UBA Plc., Fidelity Bank Plc, or Unity Bank Plc. 

Applications forms are open for sale from January – December 2024. 


You are urged, however, to keep tabs with us as this information will be updated as soon as possible.

We wish everyone good luck in their academic pursuit. Ensure you share this article with your friends.

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