FCE PANKSHIN Cut-off Mark 2024/2025 | JAMB & Post-UTME

Federal College of Education, Pankshin, has released its cut-off mark for the 2024/2025 academic session. FCE PANKSHIN cut-off mark is based on merit and Catchment area benefits.

Candidates who aspire to get admitted into the Federal College of Education, Pankshin, must meet the required cut-off mark for the school as well as the course or department itself.

Federal College of Education, Pankshin cut-off mark is 120 to qualify for admission in 2024/2025 for all courses. FCE Pankshin accepts and screens candidates who choose them as the first choice in their Post UTME.

Federal College of Education, Pankshin, is a State College of Education located at Pankshin, Plateau State. FCE Pankshin receives applicants from all parts of the country.

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FCE Pankshin 2024/2025 UTME Merit Admission Cut-off Marks

1.School of Vocational and Technical Education(NCE) 
a. Agricultural Science120
b. Business Education140
c. Fine and Applied Arts130
d. Home Economics130
e. Technical Education120
a. Technical Education180
2.School of Adult and Non-Formal and Special Education (NCE)
a. Special Needs Education120
b. Adult and Non-Formal Education120
a. Special Education180
b. Adult Education180
3.School of Early Childhood Care Education and Primary Education (NCE)
a. Early Childhood Care Education140
b. Primary Education120
4.School of Education (Degree) 
a. Educational Administration and Planning180
b. Guidance and Counseling180
5School of Science (Degree) 
a. Biology Programme180
b. Computer Science and Mathematics Programmes180
c. Physical and Health Education Programme180
d. Chemistry Programme180
e. Physics Programme180
f. Integrated Science180
f. Mathematics Programmes180
a. Biology/Integrated Science140
b. Biology/Mathematics140
c. Chemistry/Computer Science140
d. Chemistry/Integrated Science140
e. Computer Science/Mathematics140
f. Computer Science/Biology140
g. Integrated Science(DM)140
h. Integrated Science/Computer Science140
i. Mathematics/Chemistry140
j. Mathematics/Physics140
k. Mathematics/Integrated Science140
l. Physical and Health Education(DM)140
m. Physics/Computer Science140
n. Physics/Integrated Science140
o. Biology Programme140
p. Computer Science and Mathematics Programmes140
q. Physical and Health Education Programme140
r. Chemistry Programme140
s. Physics Programme140
t. Integrated Science140
6.School of Languages(NCE) 
a. English/French120
b. English/CRS140
c. English/Arabic120
d. English/Hausa120
e. English/Igbo120
f. English/Yoruba120
g. English/Music120
h. CRS/Yoruba120
i. Hausa/CRS120
j. Hausa/ISS120
k. Hausa/Music120
l. French DM120
m. French/CRS120
n. French/Hausa120
o. French/Igbo120
p. French/Yoruba120
q. French/Music120
r. Arabic/ISS120
s. Arabic/Hausa120
t. Arabic/Music120
a. English180
b. French180
c. Arabic180
Note: Minimum Cut of points in all courses in the School of Languages for NCE is 120 points except English/CRS and English/SOS, which require 140 points
7School of Arts and Social Science (NCE)
a. Christian Religious Studies/Social Studies140
b. Christian Religious Studies/Music140
c. Christian Religious Studies/English Language140
d. Christian Religious Studies/Hausa Language140
e. Christian Religious Studies/French Language140
f. Christian Religious Studies/Igbo Language140
g. Christian Religious Studies/Yoruba Language140
h. Christian Religious Studies/Special Education140
i. Social Studies/Islamic Studies130
j. Social Studies/English Language140
k. Social Studies/Hausa Language140
l. Social Studies/French Language140
m. Social Studies/Yoruba Language140
n. Social Studies/ Special Education140
o. Music/French Language120
p. Music/ Hausa Language120
q. Music/Igbo Language120
r. Music/English Language120
s. Music/Yoruba Language120
t. Music/ Special Education120
u. Islamic Studies/Hausa Language120
v. Islamic Studies/Arabic Studies120
w. Islamic Studies/English Language120
x. Islamic Studies/Special Education120
a. Music180
b. Christian Religious Studies180
c. Islamic Studies180
d. Social Studies180

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Now that you know the cut-off mark for FCE Pankshin, ensure you study and prepare well to meet the cut-off mark.

We at Realmina wish you the best!

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