FUDMA IJMB Admission Form for 2024/2025 Academic Session

The Federal University Dustin-Ma (FUDMA) IJMB admission form for 2024/2025 academic is out.


The management of the Federal University, Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA) has commenced the sale of application forms for admission into its Interim Joint Matriculations Board (IJMB) Programme for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Objectives of FUDMA IJMB Programme

  • Offer intensive training for the A-level courses.
  • Prepared IJMB Students to gain Direct Admission into 200 Level in FUDMA and all other Nigerian Universities.


The following IJMB Programmes are available;

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Arts
  3. Computer and Artificial Intelligent
  4. Educations
  5. Engineering Technology
  6. Environmental Science
  7. Life Sciences
  8. Management Sciences
  9. Medical Sciences
  10. Physical Sciences
  11. Social Sciences
  12. Renewables Resources

FUDMA IJMB Admission Eligibility, Duration and Subject Combinations


For IJMB studies:- A candidate should possess at least five (5) Credit in English, Mathematics and three (3) Subjects combined in any of the following IJMB Courses: (Life/Medical Science, Physical Science/Engineering Technology, Social Sciences, Environmental Science, Arts, Educations, Agricultural Science, Renewables Resources)


  • 12 months (2 Academic Semesters) June 2022 – May 2023.

Subject Combinations:

Below are the approved IJMB subject combinations.

Note to Phone users: for better viewing with a phone, swipe left to see all the details in the table below:

001O/L English only 
002O/L Maths only 
003O/L English and Maths 
004Accounting, Business Management and A/L MathsAccounting, Business Admin., PA, BAF, MK
005Accounting, Business Management and EconomicsAccounting, Business Admin, Economics, PA, BAF, MK
006Accounting, Business Management and GeographyAccounting, Business Admin, PA, BAF, MK
007Accounting Government, Business Management and GovernmentAccounting, Business Admin, PA, BAF, MK
008Accounting, Business Management and SociologyAccounting, Business Admin, Sociology, PA, BAF, MK
009Accounting, Economics and GeographyAccounting, Business Admin, Economics, PA, BAF, MK, URP
011Accounting, Economics and GovernmentAccounting, Business Admin, Economics, BAF, MK, MC
012Accounting, Economics and SociologyAccounting, Business Admin, Economics, Sociology, BAF, MK, MC
013Accounting, Geography and A/L MathsAccounting, Business Admin, Geography PA, BAF, MK, URP
014Accounting, Geography and GovernmentAccounting, Business Admin, Geography, PA, BAF, MK
015Accounting, Geography and SociologyAccounting, Business Admin, Sociology, MC, PA, BAF, MK
016Accounting, Government and A/L MathsAccounting, Business Admin, Public Admin., BAF, MK
017Accounting, Government and SociologyAccounting, Business Admin, Sociology, Political Science, Inter. Studies, PA, MC, BAF, MK
020Arabic, Government and Hausa 
021Arabic, Government and Islamic StudiesPolitical Science, Inter. Studies, MC., Single honours
022Arabic, Hausa and HistoryArchaeology (ABU); MC., Political Science, Inter Studies, Single honours
023Arabic, Hausa and Islamic studiesSingle honours
024Arabic, Hausa and LiteratureLaw, single honours
025Arabic, History and Islamic studiesLaw, Political Science, Inter. Studies, Archaeology, Single honours
026Arabic, History and LiteratureSingle honours, Law, MC, Political Science, Inter Studies, Archaeology
027Biology, Chemistry and A/L MathsMedicine, Vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem., Microbiology, Agric. Science, Text. Sci., Single honours
028Biology, Chemistry and GeographyAgric Sci., Archaeology, Biochem, Microbiology, Physiology
029Biology, Chemistry and GeologySingle Honours, Biochem, Microbiology, Text. Sci. Physiology, Agric. Sci. Archaeology
039Biology, Chemistry and PhysicsMedicine, Vet. Medicine; Agric. Sciences; Engineering; Textile Science and Tech, Pharmacy, Biochem, Geophysics, Agric. Sci, Archaeology, Microbiology
031Business Management, Economics and A/L MathsBusiness Admin., Economics, Accounting, URP, BAF, MK
032Business Management, Economics and GeographyBusiness Admin., Economics, Accounting, URP, BAF, MK
033Business Management, Economics and GovernmentBusiness Admin., Political Science, Inter. Studies, PA; Economics; MC, Accounting, BAF, MK
034Business Management and Economics, SociologyBusiness Admin., Accounting, PA, BAF
035Business Management, Geography and A/L MathsBusiness Admin, Environmental Science, Accounting, PA, BAF, MK
036Business Management, Geography and GovernmentPublic Admin; Business Admin, Accounting, BAF, MK
037Business Management, Geography and SociologyBusiness Admin, Sociology, MK, Accounting, BAF, PA
038Business Management, Government and SociologyBusiness Admin, PA; Sociology, Political Science, Inter. Studies, MK, Accounting, BAF
039Chemistry, Geography and A/L MathsEnvironmental Science, Engineering, Archaeology, Agric Science, Text. Science.
040Chemistry, Geography and PhysicsEnvironmental Science, Engineering, Archaeology, Agric Science, Text. Science.
041Chemistry Geology and A/L MathsEnvironmental science, Engineering, Agric Science, Archaeology, Text. Sci.
042Chemistry, Geology and PhysicsEnvironmental Science, Engineering, Archaeology, Agric Sci., Text. Sci., Single Honours
043Chemistry, Physics and A/L MathsEngineering, Text. Sci., Environmental Science, Computer Science, Agric Science, Geophysics
044CRS, Government and HausaSingle Honours, Political Science, Inter. Studies, PA, MC
045CRS, Government LiteratureSingle Honours, Law, PA; Political Science, Inter. Studies, MC
046CRS, Hausa and HistorySingle Honours; Political Science, PA; Inter. Studies; Archaeology (ABU); MC
047CRS, Hausa and LiteratureSingle Honours; Law
048CRS, History and LiteratureSingle honours; Law, MC, Political Science, Inter. Studies
049Economics, Geography and A/L MathsEnvironmental Science, URP; Single Honours, Accounting, BAF, PA, MK
050Economics, Geography and GovernmentURP; Accounting, PA, BAF, MK, MC, Single Honours
051Economics, Geography and SociologyURP; Single Honours, Accounting, PA, BAF
052Geography, Government and A/L MathsPA; Political Science, Inter Studies, Economics, MC, Accounting, BAF, Single Honours
053Geography, Government and SociologyEconomics, Political Science, Inter. Studies, PA, Sociology, MC, Accounting, BAF
060Geography, Government and A/L MathsEnvironmental Science, Political Science, Inter Studies, Geography, Public Admin.
061Geography, Government and SociologyURP, Sociology, PA, Political Science, Geography, International Studies
062Geography, History and SociologySingle Honours, Political Science, Inter Studies; Public Admin, Sociology
063Geography, Physics and A/L MathsSingle Honours, Environmental Science, Engineering (Not Chemical Engr), Computer Science, Quantity Survey, Geophysics
064Geology, Physics and A/L MathsSingle Honours, Environmental Science, Engineering, Archaeology (Ibadan), Computer Science, Geophysics
065Government, Hausa and Islamic StudiesSingle Honours, PA, Political Science, Inter Studies
066Government, Islamic Studies and LiteratureSingle Honours, PA, Political Science, Inter Studies, Law, Archaeology, MC
067Hausa, History and LiteratureSingle Honours, PA, Political Science Inter Studies, Law, Archaeology, MC
068Hausa, Islamic Studies and HistorySingle Honours, Public Admin, Political Science, Inter Studies
069Hausa, Islamic Studies and LiteratureSingle Honours, Law
070History, Islamic Studies and LiteratureSingle Honours, Inter Studies, PA, Political Science, MC, Law, Archaeology
071Sociology, Arabic and LiteratureSingle Honours, Law, MC
073Sociology, Hausa and LiteratureSingle Honours, Law, MC


  • PA = Public Administration
  • BAF = Banking and Finance
  • MK = Marketing
  • AE = Agricultural Engineering
  • MC = Mass Communication
  • URP = Urban and Regional Planning

How to Apply for FUDMA IJMB Admission Form

All interested candidates are advised to follow the below procedures:

  • Visit our application portal at http://ijmb.fudutsinma.edu.ng/ application, locate and click start application at the bottom left corner of the page.
  • Fill out and submit the “Application Form”.
  • A “Payment Transaction Slip” is generated for you; on it you will find your unique Transactions ID for making payments, as well as your application form Number.
  • Print a copy of your payment Transactions slip, and proceed to pay a non-refundable fee of five thousand naira only (₦5,000.00) using the payment procedure highlighted below.

Payment Procedure:

  • Visit any First Bank Nig. Plc or any e-Payment service
  • Make a deposit in the account name of “ FUDMA CONSULT”
  • On the “Account Number” 2032516632
  • On the “ Name of Service/Purpose” IJMB Application Form option
  • On the “Description” box type “ IJMB Application Form”
  • On the “ Amount to pay” a non-refundable fee of Five Thousand Naira(₦5,000.00) only
  • On the purpose box type “IJMB Application Form” and complete the form.
  • Email your Receipt and Application Form Transaction ID to ijmb@fudutsinma.edu.ng
  • Returns to the portal (http//ijmb.fudutsinma.edu.ng/application) after forty-eight (48) hours and enter your Application Form Number and email address to continue your Application
  • Complete and Submit the full Application Form with Accurate data

Deadline: Friday 15th July 2022


FUDMA 2024/2025 admission process offers aspiring students a chance to chase a career in the desired sector.

Apply now to secure your place in this esteemed institution’s various graduate and Certificate programs.

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